Top 8 Unique Walking Canes 2020 Reviews

For our gentlemen out there who are looking for a unique and stylish cane to complete their classic London fashion, you are at the right place. Not only that, those who require walking canes to stay mobile, this article is also for you. It is already a given for a walking cane to be of great quality so that it can provide the support and mobility elders need. But a good quality cane does not have to look shabby. We’re going to introduce you to a great alternative, the perfect combination of supporting a style. Today, we’ll be exploring the most unique walking canes in the market. If you’re not too big on style, you can also check out hand-carved walking sticks for hiking.

There are so many types, brands, and designs of walking canes out there. We have scoured through the countless products in the market to find the best and most unique walking canes for you. We’re going to look at the top 8 best unique walking canes out there as well as a comprehensive buying guide to help you decide. Here are what you need to consider before making your purchase.

Buying Guides of Unique Walking Cane

Material and Stability: The first question you need to ask is what kind of material is the cane made from. The best walking cane should be made of top-notch quality and standard construction. Remember, you’re using this to bear imminence weight and pressure to support and assist you with balance and posture. Thus, it needs to be of great quality. The two most common and reliable ones are anodized aluminum and premium quality natural wood. It needs to be strong and steady as well. The cane tips should come with anti-slip and shock-absorbing rubber to provide great traction and added stability.

Handle: This is important for two things: the ergonomics and the style. The handle can determine the utility of the entire walking cane. The usual offset canes or J-shaped handles are great in terms of comfortable and easy to hold while providing great support and balance at the same time. It balances out your weight along the shaft. The design of the handle comes in a huge variety as well. We’ve selected the 8 most unique ones to include in our list today.

Function: Of course, it does not matter if you’re only using the cane for walking, hiking, and self-defense, or as a fashion accessory, it’s good to look for additional functions. You are going to spend the money anyway, thus get one that comes with extra features such as height adjustment, folding capacity, security wrist strap, etc. These could be beneficial for you.

8. Authentic Irish Walking Stick – Blackthorn Walking Cane

Authentic Irish Walking Stick - Blackthorn Walking Cane

This is an authentic Irish walking stick that is handcrafted from one piece of natural blackthorn wood. You can choose between 35, 36, or 37 inches. You can choose between a standard rounded knob for a palm grip or a pistol grip with a longer handle. This traditional Irish walking stick is ¾” in diameter at the base with approximately 3” around the middle shaft. The knob is brown in color with a shiny clear finish.


  • Handcrafted, authentic, and traditional
  • Standard or pistol-grip options
  • Made from one piece of Natural Blackthorn wood

7. Fancy Wood Cane for Men and Women

Fancy Wood Cane for Men and Women

These exclusive canes and walking sticks are handcrafted professionally from solid oak wood materials. The knob handles are designed to be unique and ergonomic with a metal spindle for everyday use. It comes in 36”, but it can be altered and shortened to any length you need. All the walking canes come with high-quality hypoallergenic Italian coatings. It comes with a free spare 7/8” rubber cane tip. You can also choose between 3 color options.


  • Unique and ergonomic design
  • Adjustable length
  • High-quality coating and knobs

6. Unique Wooden Walking Cane for Men

Unique Wooden Walking Cane for Men

The next product on our list is the unique wooden walking cane by Asterom. This is a flashy and fancy wooden walking cane for both men and women with great quality and design. The ergonomic handle is also flashily decorated with an exclusive metal Lion head. It is hand-carved from top-quality solid oak wood with a hypoallergenic high-quality Italian coating. It has a weight capacity of 400lbs. It comes in 36” but you can also adjust them to any length you like. The perfect balance between practicality and uniqueness.


  • Handmade and well-crafted
  • Great weight capacity and adjustable length
  • Ergonomic and unique metal Lion head

5. Exclusive Carved Cane for Men

Exclusive Carved Cane for Men

Yet another unusual walking cane by Asterom! Just like the previous products, it is made with first-grade materials with attention to detail. This fancy walking cane is made from a solid oak woof from the Carpathian Mountain, which makes it extremely strong and reliable enough for everyday use. The handle is strengthened with a metal spindle with a stylish casted collar ring. The unique Nymph handle makes it extra special. The cane comes with a rubber tip and a spare one to protect the bottom and soften your walk.


  • Unique Nymph handle
  • Solid oak wood material
  • Adjustable, reliable, and durable

4. Switch Sticks Aluminum Adjustable Folding Cane

Switch Sticks Aluminum Adjustable Folding Cane

Fourth on our list, we have the Switch Sticks aluminum adjustable folding cane. This can be adjusted easily from 32 to 37 inches to 1-inch increments to prevent uncomfortable or awkward bending. This comes in bold, contemporary, and colorful patterns to make it even more unique. It also features a color-coordinated wood handle, wrist straps, and anti-slip rubber feet, all wrapped up in a water-resistant carrying bag. It only weighs around 13 ounces, but it can support a weight capacity of up to 250lbs. It has been painted, polished, and ergonomically contoured to be the ultimate walking cane.


  • Comfortable, reliable, and ergonomic
  • Bold, contemporary, and colorful patterns
  • Lightweight and waterproof

3. Handcrafted Wood Walking Cane

Handcrafted Wood Walking Cane

The third best walking cane on our list is the handcrafted wood walking cane by the brand Brazos. It comes with a rubber tip for great traction. It is a lightweight cane with a classic look. This walking cane is made from natural and high-quality oak wood with an attractive finish. It is the ultimate work of art treasure and quality. The handles are very smooth and comfortable. It comes in four unique colors: green, denim, strawberry, and tan. You can also choose between 3 sizes: 37”, 34”, and 40”. You will feel more secure and stable with this walking cane as your companion.


  • High-quality natural woods
  • Great designs and colors
  • Rubber latex tip for great traction

2. Canes Walking Sticks Reeds Wooden BURL Handmade

Canes Walking Sticks Reeds Wooden BURL Handmade

The second best and most unique cane on our list is the Cobra handmade walking stick by the brand Oleksandr. victory. This is made from high-quality and durable wood material to be sturdy and well-supported. This product features a unique and unusual design with a cobra head as the handle. Cobra is not your only option. If you’re not into reptiles, you should look at the other alternatives: brown bear, red bear, or wolf All of these are designed to bring the ultimate coolness and uniqueness out of you. On top of that, it still offers great stability as well as support for you as a well-functioning and practical walking stick.


  • Stylish, fashionable, and unique
  • Handmade and crafted
  • Great stability and practicality

1. Handcrafted Wood Walking Cane by Brazos

Handcrafted Wood Walking Cane by Brazos

We are finally at the end of our list of the top 8 best unique walking canes in the market. The best unique walking cane on our list is the handcrafted wood walking cane by Brazos. Unlike the generic lifeless metal canes, this beauty is made from all-natural wood. The Bocote wood is from South America. It has a twist-down design along the shaft to add an even more interesting aspect. The handle is made to look super smooth, classic, and chic to fit comfortably in your grip. It also features a high-quality rubber grip for great traction on most surfaces. Each one is handcrafted individually with great care. It has two sizes: 37 inches and 40 inches.


  • Natural wood with a beautiful finish
  • Handcrafted professionally
  • Comfortable, reliable, durable


We hope that our article can be very helpful in terms of assisting you in buying the ultimate unique walking cane. The eight walking canes on our list are all great in terms of quality. Each one of them is unique, and hopefully, you will be able to find your cup of tea. Read carefully! Happy Shopping!