Top 10 Tool Vests 2020 Reviews

Finding the perfect vest for you can a daunting task. Lets make your shoppinng experience a little more enjoyable. You should keep in mind your work load, tool capacity and any extra features that you may enjoy. There are so many brands on the market that are offering similar products so we’ve conducted a little research to provide you with the 10 best vests for working conditions!

10. Heavy Duty Professional Tool Vest

Heavy Duty Professional Tool Vest

This vest is great for storage. Customers rave at its ability to hold various tools without the added pain from the excess weight. It is made of the highest quality materials which makes it sturdy enough to hold all of your tools. The best things about this vest are that it has the ability to adjust sizes to fit each user. It is great for wearing in darker conditions or extreme weather because it also has reflective strips to increase visibility, which is a great safety measure.

9. Blaklader US Utility Vest with Mesh for Carpentry Construction

Blaklader US Utility Vest with Mesh for Carpentry Construction

This vest is made of cotton and polyester. The double zippers promote adjustable width to ensure that each user can fit the vest. It includes multiple pockets to hold on to all of the tools that are needed to have a successful day on the job. Customers have reported that the sizes do run small but the vests are extremely comfortable and they are recommended if you are looking for something affordable to get the job done.

8. Bucket Boss Canvas SuperVest

Bucket Boss Canvas SuperVest

This vest comes in the neutral shade of brown. It is strong and durable enough for heavy-duty construction. The vest has padded shoulders, mesh backing and 14 pockets to increase productivity. This vest has a center zipper with mesh material that is useful for moisture-wicking breathability. The elastic sides allow for a more flexible fit while the padded shoulder eases the tension from the excess weight of the tools. There are two removable pockets on the bottom which can also be adjusted for a customized fit.

7. Blaklader US Utility Vest with Mesh

Blaklader US Utility Vest with Mesh

This vest comes in black and the fabric is made of polyester and cotton. It also has mesh fabric in the front and the back. It has wide belt loops and a side hammer loop to ensure that your tools are safe. This can be used in any weather conditions and it is breathable with its mesh materials that are on the front and the back of the vest. There are pockets for phones, writing tools and more. This is a great vest to ensure that your job is much easier.
The best feature is the flexibility and productivity of the vest. The pockets are placed very strategically to avoid any bulkiness. And, the breathable fabric makes the workday that much easier.

6. Occidental Leather 2575

Occidental Leather 2575

This vest is very lightweight and perfect for long days at work. Customers have commented on its ability to improve the workday slightly by decreasing the load of the weights. The pockets are designed to evenly distribute weight and items that are being carried. The best thing about this jacket is that it has 28 pockets which ensure that it can carry the weight!

5. Holmes Workwear Vest

Holmes Workwear Vest

This is a great vest for anyone who focuses on organization and accessibility. This vest has reflective materials on the shoulders which is a great safety mechanism. The best thing about this product is that it has a removable tool pouch which makes it slightly more easy to access tools. It has a mesh back that allows for cooling to keep the owner nice and chill during the day.

4. Stanley FMST530201 Fatmax Tool Vest

This vest is appropriate for any storage needs. It is made of breathable material and it allows for a customizable fit. The reflective safety straps are great for working in foggy or dim-lit weather conditions. There are many compartments for work tools but there are compartments for your personal items as well. The vest is specially designed to wick out moisture through the breathable fabric. This adjustable fabric allows for all-day comfort and it can be adjusted to fit any size. The best thing about this vest is the fact that it is highly versatile and it has neatly built-in reflective straps to ensure that visibility is present, ensuring that safety is the main concern.

3. NoCry Heavy Duty Work Apron

NoCry Heavy Duty Work Apron

This Apron is the perfect gift for anyone that has multiple professions or hobbies. It’s durable and sturdy enough to hold tools for construction or handy work. The apron has 26 tool pockets that vary in size. The pockets are double stitched to perfection, ensuring that the tools are safe and secure. It has a tape measure holder, and its design makes it easy to organize all of the workshop tools, while the hook’n’loop fastener prevents smaller personal and valuable items from falling out. This apron is great for anyone working in dark conditions with its reflective strips. It is also appropriate for anyone that works with paint, gardening and house tools. Customers enjoy the flexibilty and the apron’s ability to be used for multipurposes. This is a great addition to a tool shed, it protects the upper body from the excess stress caused by the weight of the tools being carried. The new and improved shoulder pads provide the ultimate support. The best feature this apron has to offer is the storage, flexibility and the fact that it is durable enough for all day use.

2. Readywares Waxed Canvas Tool Apron

Readywares Waxed Canvas Tool Apron

This waxed canvas tool vest is very sturdy and operational. It is constructed with cotton fabrics and waxed cotton. It has any pockets and two hammer loops that are perfect for holding all of your tools and personal items such and writing utensils, nails, hammers, and phones. The best feature of this product is that it has adjustable straps to ensure that it is flexible to fit any body type. It is easy to put on and take off it only requires the unsnapping of the buckle that is strategically placed in the back of the vest. The company offers a 100% guarantee that you will absolutely love the product or you may return it hassle-free.

1. Gihuo Men’s Summer Outdoor Work

Gihuo Men's Summer Outdoor Work

This vest is best for traveling and of course, fishing trips. It is made of cotton and polyester and the mesh components consist of Nylon. The vest has 16 pockets in total, making it fully functional and fashionable with the various colors that are offered. There are velcro pockets, slant hand pockets and two big zip pockets on the bottom of the vest. This best feature about the vest is its lightweight capabilities, although it has 16 pockets, it is also breathable, with neat stitching and light fabrics. It does well in water but it is not completely water-resistant. You can wear this vest when you are traveling, sporting or even getting some grocery shopping done. The pockets are deep enough to keep your contents safe and contained as well.