Ride On Car With Parental Remote Control Reviews

Most people can remember a prized toy that had as a child. Just the thought of certain toys bring about great memories for most. With advances and technology and innovation these toys are becoming more and more realistic. No toy is a better example of this than the ride on cars that are made for kids. These toy vehicles are resembling the real one more and more. They are bringing kids great joy all around the globe. If you are looking for a ride on car with parental remote control here is a list of the best ones.

8. TrueMax 12V Mercedes-Benz Ride on Car

TrueMax 12V Mercedes-Benz Ride on Car

The True Max Mercedes-Benz is a child’s dream come true. This single child ride includes a radio, mp3 player and front & rear LED lights. This vehicle is very powerful and packs two powerful 12v motors. It is powered by a 12 volt 7amp and includes a rechargeable battery. Safety is a top priority with this vehicle. It includes an anti-roll safety braking system that helps to prevent the ride from from rolling downhill. Reviewers rave about how easy this vehicle was for their kid to learn the ins and outs of this vehicle.

7. 12V Ferrari Style Electric Battery Powered Ride on Car

12V Ferrari Style Electric Battery Powered Ride on Car

This Ferrari style powered vehicle is a great ride on car with parental remote control. This popular kids vehicle includes a 2.4Ghz Parental Remote Control. The vehicle also includes a 12V Battery Pack, 2 Motors, and a variety of different speeds that can be controlled by the parental battery. Kids can also enjoy the included mp3 player and the electric brake system. Real looking led lights take this vehicle to another level.

6. Official Licensed Mercedes Benz Ride On Car

Official Licensed Mercedes Benz Ride On Car

The Licensed Mercedes Benz Ride for kids is another great vehicle that comes with parental remote. This 2X12 rear drive vehicle includes a remote steering gearbox. Other included features include leather seats, and Auxiliary connection for mp3 play, and a built in speaker. The vehicle can be operated with a foot pedal or remote control. Other great features include large wheels, rear suspension, and led lights. People who have purchased this vehicle say enjoy the added music features and the speed of the vehicle is just right.

5. 12V Mercedes CLA45 Electric

12V Mercedes CLA45 Electric

The Mercedes CLA45 Electric Powered Battery kids car is an excellent vehiclile has a variety of features. It has a soft start and an electric brake system that will keep your child safe. This kids car includes a 12V battery, 2 motors, and a maximum speed of three to five miles per hour. Other great features for this vehicle include LED Wheels, Storage Trunk, and an attractive AMG Sport Style. Kids will love the ability to use an mp3 player, and play files from a flash player.

4. Kiddie Roadster 12V Electric Ride on Car

Kiddie Roadster 12V Electric Ride on Car

The Kiddie Roadster 12V electric ride on car is one of the top choices on the Top ride on car for kids in This vehicle is packed with features and add ons that make it stand out from others. For starters it includes a 2.4Ghz parental remote control that allows for both forward and reverse movement. The five point adjustable safety Seat belt shows that safety is a top priority. Other key features with this vehicle include attractive led wheels, rubber traction bands, electric brake system and great leather seats. One of the top choices on this list, this vehicle has an average price of $199.Loaded with features the Kiddie Roadster is a great value for the price. It is guaranteed to bring a smile to your kid’s face.

3. Porshe Bokster Style Kids Ride-on-car

Porshe Bokster Style Kids Ride-on-car

The Porshe Bokster Style Kids Ride-on-car packs all the quality you would expect from something with the name Porsche on it. This kids car includes a removable baby tray, a five point safety harness and LED Wheels. The vehicle allows for soft starts and an electric brake system. Soft and comfortable seats will make the ride very enjoyable for young kids. Other key features for this Porshe include Rubber Traction Bands, Openable Doors and Trunk, and mp3 play ability. Averaging around $300, this vehicle is well worth the price tag it comes with.

2. Costzon Kids Ride On Car

Costzon Kids Ride On Car

The Costzon Kids Ride on Vehicle offers a ride that will be enjoyable for any kid. This remote controlled powered vehicle includes brakes, headlights and a number of other great features. Customers love the horn and various sound effects that are included. They also really like the digital volt meter which makes charging much more simple. The vehicle is perfect for any child under the age of five. Once your child gets in this vehicle, they may never want to get out.

1. Costzon Ride On Jeep Car

Costzon Ride On Jeep Car

The Costzon Ride on Jeep is an excellent kids vehicle that has lots to offer. This jeep includes headlights, an mp3 port, and a horn. The vehicle has two modes which include parental remote control mode and battery operate mode. This vehicle can provide a child with more than sixty continuous minutes of play when fully charged. Safety is a top priority as the vehicle includes safety belts and breaks. Other unique features for this jeep include movable mirrors, high/low speed switch and the ability to play mp3s. Reviews for this vehicle rave about the great variety this jeep provides.