Top 5 Premium Edge Dog Foods 2019 Reviews

Premium edge dog foods are made only with the finest ingredients, with real meat being the number one ingredient in every formula. These foods contain no ground corn, soy or wheat, ensuring your dog receives the best nutrition for optimal health. Each premium edge brand has specialized formulas to ensure your dog gets exactly what they need. Some are made with fish and potato formulas for the benefit of dogs with allergies or sensitive skin. These formulas are carefully put together with antioxidants for overall good health for your pooch.

5. Premium Edge Dry Food for Adult Dogs

This premium edge dog food is made from lamb, rice, and vegetable formula for the healthy dog you have been looking to have. The lamb ensures that your dog gets all the protein supply it requires while the rice gives your pooch great energy for an active life. We all know that older dogs can be a little bit on the downside when it comes to overall activity. So why not boost its energy with this antioxidant rich premium dog food?


  • It’s protein rich.
  • It gives your dog all its energy needs.
  • It comes in a 6-pound bag to last longer.

4. Premium Edge Large Breed Lamb, Rice and Vegetable Formula Dry Food for Puppy

Premium Edge Large Breed Lamb

This protein-rich premium dog food is sure to meet the special needs of large and giant breed puppies of up to one year of age. It isn’t just a collection of ingredients thrown together; it comes with controlled fat and calcium for the best bone and joint growth. With this premium dog food, you can be sure of exceptionally fast growth for your puppy.


  • It is good for large breed puppies.
  • It has controlled fat and calcium.
  • It comes with chelated minerals for more efficient absorption.
  • It is enhanced with DHA to support your puppy’s brain and eye development.
  • High protein and low-calorie formula.

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3. Premium Edge Lamp, Rice and Vegetables Dry Dog Food For Senior Dog

 Premium Edge Lamp

This premium dog food is made of lamb, grain, vegetable, and mineral ingredients for the maintenance and enhancement of your senior dog’s health. It is so rich that it is sure to fight off those dog ailments that come with advanced age. It has moderate protein and is low in fat to ensure the maintenance of good body condition.


  • It contains taurine for a healthy heart.
  • It has moderate protein and low fat which is suitable for senior dogs.
  • It is mineral rich for balanced body health.

2. Premium Edge Healthy Weight – Weight Reduction Formula Adult Dry Dog Food

Premium Edge Healthy Weight

With this premium edge dog food, you get rid of your dog’s extra fat for a healthy adult weight. It contains moderate protein and low fat for the promotion of a lean body condition. To enhance your dog’s healthy metabolism, this formula contains L-carnitine. So if you think your dog is having weight-related problems, why not try this great premium edge dog food.


  • It helps your dog burn fat faster.
  • Promotes a lean dog body.
  • It contains L-carnitine for healthy metabolism.

1. Premium Edge Dry Food for Adult Dog

Premium Edge Dry Food for Adult Dog

This premium edge dog food comes with quality ingredients that ensure your dog remains healthy for longer. If you have a dog with an allergy to corn, this product has been recommended for you in customer reviews published on It is a healthy source of vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, and minerals for your dog. The number one ingredient in this formulation is real meat for all the proteins needed by your dog.


  • It provides your dog with a variety of ingredients.
  • It is good for dogs with corn allergy.

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