Top 10 Outdoor Solar String Lights 2020 Reviews

There are a lot of reasons why you would want outdoor solar string lights in You could have them for dark summer nights when you are not ready to bring the party indoors. You can use them for outdoor events or activities. You can also rely on them more than you can fairy lights that pull power form your home. Outdoor solar string lights are better than fairy lights because they pull all of their energy from the sun while still keeping the aesthetically pleasing look that you get from fairy lights. In this story I am going to list the top 10 outdoor solar lights that you can buy so you can start the new year in the brightest way. Let’s get into it.

10. Lalapao 2 Pack Solar String Lights

Lalapao 2 Pack Solar String Lights

These string lights come in a 2 pack, each pack is 72ft long and can last up to 10 hours without needing to be recharged by solar light. These are perfect for outdoor use in your garden or to wrap around trees or bushes in your yard to make them look festive. They are waterproof, so you never have to worry about the rain coming in to ruin all of your fun and decoration.‚Äč These lights are great for all seasons and events. You can choose plain white, or you can go multi colored for the holidays.

9. LED Solar Fairy Lights


LED Solar Fairy Lights

This 2 pack comes with solar fairy lights that glow yellow. Each pack is 33ft long, making it the perfect light for any backyard, patio, or porch. These lights are also waterproof, like the ones listed above. These are the perfect solar lights if you want to capture the fairy light aesthetic in your backyard.
The wire is made of a strong copper so you don’t have to worry about it snapping during a bad storm or a very windy day.

8. JosMega Upgraded Larger Solar Powered String Lights

JosMega Upgraded Larger Solar Powered String Lights

This light set is also 33ft long and weather resistant. The glow is a warm white, not exactly yellow but very close to it. It is the perfect color for cold winter nights that need to be lit up. These LED lights are very bright and come in 8 different light modes that you can choose from. If you want them to be a subtle flash, or a steady beam, you can choose any of the mode that best fits the aesthetic that you are going for.

7. JosMega Upgraded Larger Solar Powered String Lights Multi Colored

JosMega Upgraded Larger Solar Powered String Lights Multi Colored

These 33ft LED lights are perfect for Christmas time. You can choose between 8 different modes and let your backyard or patio shine with the bright and beautiful colors of the season. If you aren’t interested in the multi colored Christmas lights, there are solid color versions available as well. A bonus feature that these lights come with, an auto on and off switch, if they are on for a few hours they will turn themselves off to save energy.

6. Solar Powered Waterproof Fairy String Copper Wire Lights

Solar Powered Waterproof Fairy String Copper Wire Lights

As mentioned in the title of these lights, they are also waterproof. This is a key factor when picking the right light for your backyard. Along with being waterproof, they are also made of Copper. Copper is extremely important when you live in an area that gets bad weather so you know that no matter what happens, your lights will not be damaged or broken during the storm. These are perfect for winter or summer events. The multiple color options gives you a wide range of event themes, your backyard will always be ready for a festive gathering with your friends when you install these lights.

5. BHCLIGHT Solar String Lights

BHCLIGHT Solar String Lights

These lights come with 8 different modes to choose from, are eco friendly and power saving friendly, and they have a 66ft copper wire that they are attached to so that you will always be sure that your lights remain safe, even if the roughest weather conditions. They are great for weddings as they come in a warm white color, or you can have them for a grill out with some friends. These lights are gaining their power solely from the sun. During the summer hours, the lights will remain on longer. During the winter hours, they will turn off faster. You can turn the lights back on after they have turned off if you are not finished with them.

4. Toodour Solar Christmas Lights

Toodour Solar Christmas Lights

These lights have an auto on and off switch, 8 different light modes, and they are the perfect pick for any outdoor Christmas decorations. You do not have to worry about the cold getting in the way of your holiday spirit when you have these lights set up around your yard, your patio, or your bushes and trees. These lights are 72ft so you can make sure to light up even the biggest of trees or porches. Who says Christmas can’t take place throughout the whole entire year? I promise that your family and friends, and even your neighbor, will love to see your backyard filled with giant Christmas trees when you decorate your regular trees with these festive Christmas lights.

3. Toodour Solar Lights

Toodour Solar Lights

These are 72ft long lights that come in a warm white, or yellowish, color. This is the perfect light for outdoor events like a wedding, a summer pool party, or a grill out. You can also use them in the winter and select one of the modes available so that you get the perfect aesthetic. These lights also come with an on and off switch that you can use manually, or you can wait until the lights turn themselves off after a few hours.

2. Joomer 2 Pack Solar Lights For Garden

Joomer 2 Pack Solar Lights For Garden

These lights are often known as firefly lights due to the color that they put off. These make for the perfect addition to any garden or patio and will give you a nice summer vibe, even if the weather outside is below freezing. These lights are 72ft long and come with 200 actual light bulbs, so you will never be left in the dark again.

1. Joomer Solar White Lights

Joomer Solar White Lights

This one was saved for last because it is the best one on the list. You have heard of fairy lights, but these are solid white fairy lights. They are waterproof and weather proof so that you don’t have to worry about harsh weather destroying your backyard aesthetic. And these lights are very easy to install in your lawn. You can use them for Christmas, for summer parties, wedding events, or you can just have them in your lawn simply because you like the way it looks. The string is 72ft long and it contains about 200 bulbs on the string, giving you almost endless possibilities. They aren’t strictly an outdoor light source either, you can install them inside of your home and set the solar panel by a window so that they are still powered. If you are looking for a solar string light for 2020, this is the one you have been waiting to see.