Top 8 Military First Aid Kits 2020 Reviews

When camping or hiking outdoors, accidents are inevitable. Some individuals cut themselves accidentally when cooking or setting up sleeping accessories such as tents. Bruises and scrapes are also common and often life-threatening when super-infected with bacteria. To manage such problems well, prevention is always better than cure. Instead of living through the pain and seeking medical attention once you are back home, always have a military first aid kit in hand. Most models are cheap and have all the tools you will need to take care of most physical injuries professionally.

8. Delta Provision Co. First Aid Kit

Delta Provision Co

Liked by individuals and professionals alike, Delta Provision Co First Aid Kit is a must-have accessory by health-conscious individuals. If you enjoy camping, for instance, or spend time hiking with friends often, always carry one along. The splint and Israeli bandages offered are perfect for dressing injuries. Its lightweight tactical design is perfect for traveling, while the quality accessories offered serve users well for long. Apart from camping and hiking, this fully stocked first aid kit is one of the best products for survival and tactical usage.


  • Space-saving pouch
  • Benefits people of all cadres
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Fully stocked with all essentials

7. VooDoo Tactical Elite First Aid Kit

Do not waste money on the understocked budget first aid kids that some individuals have at home and in their cars. To address traumas and other medical emergencies professionally, an elite kit such as VooDoo works the best. Treasured by the military, police, and tactical groups such as hunters, its portable design is ideal. It attaches to backpacks and waist belts comfortably, for instance. It also attaches to vests comfortably and has a premium M.O.L.L.E strap system for easier transportation. From Amazon, this First Aid kit is attainable fully stocked and ready to use.


  • Benefits people of all cadres
  • Versatile carrying options
  • Works well outdoors, in homes, and in cars
  • Fully stocked with mandatory equipment

6. Always Prepared First Aid Medical Kit

Always Prepared First Aid Medical Kit

Available in red, Always Prepared is an eye-catching 100-piece first aid medical kit with most useful accessories and tools. With an original package, for instance, you get bandages, scissors, and a plethora of sewing supplies. You also get several gauze pads and all other mandatory accessories for addressing various medical emergencies indoors and outdoors. Transportation is also easy. You can attach and transport it on bags or backpacks effortlessly. Do not let floods and or hurricanes to catch you off guard.


  • Unconditional guarantee
  • 100 professional-grade supplies
  • Easy to transport on bags and backpacks
  • Works well indoors, in cars, and outdoors

5. Renegade Survival First Aid Kit

Renegade Survival First Aid Kit

Are you a camper, hiker, or health conscious homeowner? To handle health emergencies professionally, purchasing a premium survival kit such as Renegade is a good decision. Fully stocked with all essential gear and tools, it comes ready to use. Its black theme is eye-catching, while its endorsement by both nurses and medics reflect its overall value. Buy yours to get a light and well-constructed kit that will serve you well for many years.


  • Decently priced
  • Has room for more accessories
  • Stocked and ready to use
  • Endorsed by both medics and nurses

4. Northbound Train First Aid Kit

Northbound Train First Aid Kit

With environmental hazards such as hurricanes and tsunamis a common threat, planning for medical emergencies is mandatory. In addition to your doctor’s number, for instance, it is advisable that you have a first aid kit at hand to manage medical emergencies well. Numerous advanced models are available online. However, for a professional experience on a budget, Northbound Train will serve you the best. It comes fully stocked for emergencies. Its portable design is perfect for survival and hiking, while the quality accessories it comes with benefits up to four individuals. As the saying goes, better be safe than sorry.


  • Treats up to four individuals
  • Portable 11-pound design
  • Durable hospital-grade accessories and tools

3. TripWorthy First Aid Medical Kit

TripWorthy First Aid Medical Kit

Featuring a durable medical-grade design that is ideal for hiking, camping, boating, and survival, the versatility of TripWorthy kit is desirable. Designed to meet the highest standard of care, the quality of the supplies offered is also admirable. All are safe and FDA-approved, for instance. The also meets OSHA and ANSI requirements and are perfect for delivering both simple and comprehensive care. TripWorthy First Aid Medical Kit is affordable, portable, and backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Compact and portable design
  • OSHA, ANSI, and FDA-approved components

2. Thrive First Aid Kit

Thrive First Aid Kit

With Thrive, you get a 291-piece First Aid Kit that comes in handy during survival and emergency situations. Compact, portable, and made of the best grade materials; it is perfect for hiking, camping, and for use in cars. The hospital-grade supplies offered are invaluable durable and both ANSI and OSHA-certified. You can use it to dress bone fractures, for instance. It also has material for dressing cuts and all other forms of injuries. This 1.1-pounds kit measures 12 x 8.5-inches. It also has an elaborate Red Cross logo (reflective) that eases its location in times of emergencies.


  • Small but well-equipped
  • Portable 1.1-pound design
  • 291 hospital-grade equipment
  • Water-resistant nylon cover
  • Reflective Red Cross logo

1. Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit

Swiss Safe 2in1 First Aid Kit

Swiss Safe is a military-grade 2-in-1 first aid kit for addressing most emergencies. Whether you are shopping for a new kit for use at home, outdoors, or in your car, this one never disappoints. Apart from the large 121-piece main kit offered, for instance, you get a 32-piece mini kit that works just as well. All components are FDA-approved and covered by a money back guarantee (100%).


  • FDA-approved
  • Money back guarantee
  • Two professional-grade kits
  • Durable military-grade design