Top 10 Best Mermaid Tails For Kids 2020 Reviews

What Are The Mermaid Tails For Kids?

Mermaid Tails For Kids are the colorful leg covers or garments that come in the shape of mermaid tails. The mermaid tails usually are bright and colorful with shiny glitter and design to cater to both kids and young adults. They are made from high-quality materials to ensure it is flexible yet durable at the same time. They make your child look like a mermaid but more importantly, they make your child feel like a mermaid when they are swimming or playing in the pool.

Why Should You Get These Mermaid Tails For Your Kids?

Kids love to play in the water. Kids like to dress up. Using the combination of the two, best mermaid tails for kids will provide your children with absolute joy by dressing up, and looking like a real mermaid playing with the water. The mermaid tail design also helps them to push and propel when they are swimming in the water.

How Do You Pick The Right Mermaid Tails For Kids?

With so many models of mermaid tails available right now, getting the right one for your kids might be difficult. So to save you a lot of time, this article will provide you with the reviews of the 10 best mermaid tails for kids alongside an easy to read buying guide. Before we dive into the reviews, let us take a look at the brief buying guide below.

Mermaid Tails for Kids Buying Guide

When you are looking for the right mermaid tails, you have to consider a couple of factors including the material of the mermaid tails, the size that would fit perfectly to your children’s sizes, and the easy wear and take-off features for your children fun and comfortable wear in the pool.

Tail material: look for high-quality fabric tails to make sure the tail is comfortable to wear and swim in. Some of the best and most popular materials to make the best mermaid tails are Spandex, nylon, and polyester. Make sure they are light and are easy to move around in. It should be easy to wash and maintain its long-lasting elasticity.

Sizes: To ensure your kids enjoy the tails to the max, you would need to get the right size for a perfect fit. The tails usually come in adult and kid sizes and the fit is different too between each size. A tail that fits your child correctly will make it easier for them to swim through the water and will also be more comfortable for them.

Type Fit: Alongside the size, the fit of the tail is very important. You need to make sure that both the mermaid tail and the fin fit properly to their legs and feet. The tail is the colorful part that fits over your legs. The type fit ensures your children can swim effectively in the water and prevent the tail from coming off unexpectedly.

Besides these three factors, you need to also consider your children’s preference regarding the color and design that will make them happy. So now let us go through the reviews of the 10 best mermaid tails for kids in the market.

10. 3 Pcs Mermaid Tails Swimsuit by Newland

3 Pcs Mermaid Tails Swimsuit by Newland

This bikini bathing suit for girls has 3 lovely pieces. They are ideal mermaid tails for 8-year-olds, although it fits well for kids up to 12 years old. This suit comes in purple color. The mermaid tail is conveniently designed with buttons or a zipper so it is very easy to walk in, swim, and put the monofin on or off. It is made from materials that feel nice on children’s skin. It is also easy to take off and the fabric is enduring to long term use.


  • Includes princess headband and mermaid tail.
  • Bow at waist
  • Ruffles at the leg holes
  • Fashionable and comfortable
  • High elasticity polyamide, polyester, and cotton
  • Easy to maintain hygiene and clean

9. Limited Edition Mermaid Tails For Swimming by Fin Fun

Limited Edition Mermaid Tails For Swimming by Fin Fun

Make sure to check out this limited edition Fin Fun’s Swimming Tail that is an ideal mermaid tail for 10-year-olds. These mermaid tails are designed to look fancy and unique. They have a shiny fish scale texture and the monofin which combine to form a natural mermaid motion especially when they are used underwater. Revolutionary tip reinforcement technology keeps the tail tips safe from shredding, tearing, and holes. You have to worry about purchasing tip protector tape.


  • Swim faster when you use this monofin in the ocean or pool
  • Unbreakable fin and neoprene cover
  • Resistant to the effects of pool chemicals and the sun
  • Sizes available for adults and kids
  • Hard to shed and form holes

8. Mermaid Tails 3 Pcs Swimsuit by iGeeKid

Mermaid Tails 3 Pcs Swimsuit by iGeeKid

This Bikini set can have a monofin added to it. It is designed for girls ages 3-This swimsuit has a unique design. The mermaid tail has buttons or a zipper so your little princess can walk in it and easily add on or take off a monofin. This swimsuit is great for a summer mermaid party.


  • 1 bikini top, 1 matching underwear, 1 flower headband (random color), and 1 mermaid tail
  • The monofin is not included but can be added to this swimsuit
  • Leg holes of the shorts have ruffles so they look like fins
  • Constructed from polyamide polyester and cotton for high elasticity.
  • Swimsuit care: gently hand wash in cold water and hang dry

7. YITU Mermaid Costume Bikini Set

YITU Mermaid Costume Bikini Set

Made of high-quality polyester Lycra, this mermaid tail is softer, comfortable, stretchy so it is very comfortable for your kids to wear. Besides the elasticity, it is also very breathable. With a nice texture design, your kids will fall in love with this fancy yet durable mermaid bikini set. They are made of durable fabrics that can withstand multiple uses and swim in the water. The mermaid set is also easy to wear and clean with just water.


  • Made of high-quality polyester
  • Soft and stretchy
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Nice texture design
  • Durable lining
  • Easy to clean

6. Fin Fun Wear-Resistant Mermaid Tail for Swimming

Fin Fun Wear-Resistant Mermaid Tail for Swimming

The Fin Fun Monofin features an unbreakable polypropylene insert to ensure your children can enjoy this durable tail for a long time. Using the dive grade neoprene cove, the tail is highly elastic and flexible. Designed for maximum propulsion, it is easy to move in water and swim. This special swimsuit tail fabric stretches around Monofin for a magical mermaid experience for your kids along with the fancy-looking scales that reflect in the water!


  • Unbreakable polypropylene
  • Durable, anti-shedding
  • Dive grade neoprene cover
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Quick cleaning

5. 5Pcs Girls Swimsuit Mermaid Tails for Swimming

5Pcs Girls Swimsuit Mermaid Tails for Swimming

This set is an easy to use and cute looking 5 piece bundle of mermaid tails for 6 years old. Using premium lycra materials, this set of mermaid tails feels super smooth, stretchy, and breathable. This is the perfect costume for your lovely kids. It has a unique princess designed bikini top, a durable string for fastening along with matching panties. Get these for your children or cousins, and they will be pleased with your gifts. It is also good for long term use as they are washable even with washing machines.


  • 5 piece bundle
  • Premium lycra material
  • Princess theme design
  • Easy string to fasten
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick-drying

4. Dressy Daisy Girls’ 3pcs Mermaid Tail Swimwear

Dressy Daisy Girls' 3pcs Mermaid Tail Swimwear

Dressy Daisy Girls will give your kids joy with this beautiful 3-pieced mermaid swimwear set. It features stretchy material printed with a shimmery fish scales pattern. Not only is it fancy to look at, but it is also very durable and helps your kids with their swimming and propelling underwater. The mermaid set comes with a top, a bikini brief, and a mermaid tail. The tail has two options of use, open for easy walking and close.


  • Beautiful shimmery design
  • Easy to wear
  • Anti-loose
  • Easy to walk in
  • Helps with propelling

3. Mermaid Tail Tails Swimmable Costume

Mermaid Tail Tails Swimmable Costume

Gift your kids with the princess Ariel mermaid tail to make their pool experience even better. Not only is this mermaid tail beautiful, but it is also very comfortable to wear, swim, and walk-in. It is made of 80% polyester, 20% spandex for both comfort and elasticity. This combination makes the tail feel super smooth, stretchy, and breathable. You can easily hand wash this with cool water and they dry quickly. It can also be put in a machine wash.


  • Princess Ariel design
  • 80% polyester and 20% spandex
  • Elastic and comfortable to use
  • Breathable
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Improve swimming strength

2. Mermaid Tails for Swimming for Girls Princess – 5PCS

Almost every girl has a mermaid princess dream. To make their dreams come true, you can get these mermaid tails for 9-year-olds that would make their swimming experience even better. It comes with a side zipper and bottom openings so it is very easy to wear, take off. It is just as convenient to walk and swim in. The pattern of this tail is made by 3d laser printing for vivid and clear mermaid design. The material is high-quality Lycra that makes the tail comfortable and soft on your children’s skin.


  • Mermaid princess design
  • 3D printed, vivid image
  • Easy to walk and swim
  • Size zipper and opening
  • High-quality lycra
  • Easy to clean

1. Viviland Kids Mermaid Tail Blanket for Girls

Viviland Kids Mermaid Tail Blanket for Girls

If you are looking for a soft and very comfortable mermaid tail for your kids, but they can’t swim, then Viviland Mermaid Tail is right for you. This mermaid tail comes in a blanket design. It is made of 100% Polyester. It is super soft, super warm, and soft. For your convenience, it is machine washable! They are the best blanket for storytime, reading, watching TV, or family camping! Keep your children cozy in all seasons. Every blanket can be returned for a full refund within 30 days,


  • Blanket type of mermaid tail
  • 100% polyester
  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Ideal for home use or camping
  • Easy to wash, can put in machine wash
  • Full refund and return for 30 days


And these are all the reviews and highlights of the 10 best mermaid tails that you can get for your little ones. When you are looking for the right tail, you have to consider THREE important factors including the material, the size, and how fitting the tail would be.

With good quality material, the fabric is comfortable to wear and swim in. We recommend looking for mermaid tails that are made of Spandex, nylon, and polyester, or a combination of these materials. Make sure they are light and are easy to move around in. Do not forget to know your kid’s size before you go and get them one of these good looking tails. A good size would ensure they will feel comfortable walking and swimming in the tail and it will not be too loose or too tight. Alongside the size, make sure the tail fits well to your kit legs and feet. A well-fitting tail will allow your child to swim safely while looking and feeling like a mermaid.

With these factors, you can pick the color and design or theme that your kids like, and they will be happy when you get them the right one. Enjoy swimming with your lovely ones and happy shopping!