Top 8 Jeep JK Front Bumpers 2019 Reviews

When shopping for a front bumper for your truck, the model that you choose mirrors the experience you will have outdoors. A flimsy one, for instance, might fail to protect your car’s lights or engine in the event of an accident. A heavy model, on the other hand, might weigh your vehicle down and compromise its fuel efficiency as a result. Before reaching for your wallet, therefore, make sure that your product of choice is ideal for your vehicle. You should also check its material. Tubed steel and carbon fiber have a higher tensile strength and are, therefore, ideal for making front bumpers. Finally, installation should be a breeze. Buy a bumper that requires professional installation will only work against you.

8. GSI 07-17 Jeep Wrangler JK Front Bumper

Jeep wrangler is a tough outdoor machine. Unfortunately, because it does not have a quality front bumper as stock, damages are common in tough off-road environments. We have stumbled up an excellent remedy, though. To improve the looks and impact-resistance of your vehicle, this GSI 07-17 front bumper works well. Featuring a black and textured design 0.120-inch steel, this bumper looks good. Its direct bolt-on system is easy to install, while the tough winch location on its front supports up to 12000 pounds. You also get 4.75-ton D-rings, an OE fog housing, and a metallic (5/32-inches) base plate that last long.


  • 4/75 ton D-rings
  • OE fog housing
  • Metallic (5/32-inches) base plate
  • Direct bolt-on system
  • Stylish textured body
  • 12000-pound winch location



Recommended for the Jeep Wrangler, AUTOSAVER88 07-16 is a premium crawler bumper with a durable rock-solid design. Made of heavy-duty steel (2×0.12-inch tubing and 5/32-inch plate, its durability is impressive. The material also absorbs impact well and has a rustproof finish that protects it outdoors. Fitted with a 12,000-pound winch plate mount, this front bumper is outdoors ready. D-rings are durable steel models, while the high-powered LED lights it comes with shine brightly. Even though owners hire professionals to install it correctly, its pros far outweigh its disadvantages.


  • Eco-friendly textured finish
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Heavy duty D-rings
  • 12,000-pound winch plate mount
  • Superior impact resistance

6. Razer Auto

Razer Auto 07 17

Do not compromise the look and or performance of your jeep wrangler with one of the poorly designed bumpers. To protect its parts while improving its look at the same time, consider Razer Auto 07-17. Made of high-density steel, both its bars and plate are durable. D-ring mounts are durable high-strength models while its textured black finish has numerous benefits. It improves the overall outlook of this bumper, for instance. It also protects its steel from elements such as water and UV that often lower its integrity over time. This bumper comes with a heavy-duty winch plate mount (12,000 pounds) and a 22-inch LED light bar mount.


  • 22-inch LED light bar mount
  • Winch plate mount (12,000 pounds)
  • Protective textured cover
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • High-density D-rings

5. E-Autogrilles 07-17 Stinger

With an original E-Autogrilles 07-17, you get a sturdy stinger bumper that fits on most Jeep wranglers. Powder-coated, its grunge-looking design (black texture) is stylish. It is also Eco-friendly and optimized to protect its steel plate (5/32-inches) and bar (2×0.120-inches) from corrosion. As most bumpers listed, E-Autogrilles 07-17 has heavy-duty D-ring bolts support over 4.75 tons. Its built-in winch plate mount is high supports over 12,000 pounds while its OE fog light hole is accurate and functional. E-Autogrilles 07-17 easy to install and has reinforced sides/corners and deflective angles that maximize protection.


  • Reinforced sides and corners
  • Deflecting angles
  • Durable D-ring bolts
  • Stylish black texture
  • Custom-fitting design
  • Convenient bolt-on design

4. E-Autogrilles Stubby

As the stinger bumper listed, E-Autogrilles 07-17 Stubby is a professional-grade front bumper that lasts long. Featuring an easy bolt on design, installation is a breeze. Tire clearance is optimal, while the quality steel sheet (5/32-inches) and tube (0.120-inches) used to make it last long. Apart from absorbing impact well, for instance, they also resist corrosion and rust, unlike some comparable brands. E-Autogrilles 07-17 Stubby is affordable, easy to install, and has a built-in winch location that supports up to 12,000-pound loads.


  • 12,000-pound winch plate
  • Durable steel body (plate and tubes)
  • Easy bolt-on design
  • Aesthetic black theme
  • Built in fog light housing (OE size)

3. Restyling Factory

Restyling Factory 07 17

To have a rugged outlook without compromising tire clearance, Restyling Factory 07-17 is the bumper to use. The powder-coated steel used to make its bars and plates is durable, while its convenient bolt-on design does not require professional skill to install. Simply fasten the two D-rings it comes with onto the frame of your car to have a functional bumper in minutes. Restyling Factory 07-17 has a fog light housing (OE) and a winch plate that supports 12,000 pounds.


  • 12,000-pound winch plate
  • Heavy duty D-rings
  • Easy to install bolt-on design
  • Stylish powder coated finish

2. Havoc Offroad 42-10007

Havoc Offroad 4210007

Designed to work well in tough off-road environments, Havoc Offroad 42-10007 is our pick for the best front bumper. Christened the wrecking ball, its durability is desirable. Impact resistance is desirable, while the 2-inch 0.120-inch thick bull bar style steel tubing used to make it lasts long. This bumper comes with accurate cutouts for installing fog lights. It also has shackles and a three-year hardware warranty.


  • 12,500-pound winch plate
  • Three-year hardware warranty
  • Thick bull bar steel
  • Bolt on design

1. E-Autogrilles 51-0360

E Autogrilles 51 0360

With E-Autogrilles 51-0360, you get a full-width JK front bumper with a textured black look that blends well on cars. Its installation is easy (bolt on), while its powder-coated finish resists the elements well. Forget about this bumper rusting or losing its charm over time. Other admirable attributes are its heavy-duty (4.75-ton) D-rings and high load (12,000 pounds) winch plate supports.


  • High load (12,000 pounds) winch plate
  • Powder coated finish (black)
  • Heavy-duty steel body
  • Convenient bolt-on design
  • Effective full-width design

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