Top 10 Hygeia Breast Pumps 2020 Reviews

Finding the best Hygeia breast pump for your situation and comfort can be a very daunting task. There are many things to consider during pump shopping. Technology is great and very innovative but sometimes there are features that aren’t necessary. Here is a slight list that has been composed to help you along your journey.

10. OUNUO Portable Electric Breast Pump


OUNUO Portable Electric Breast Pump

This hospital-grade best pump has four different modes that allow for suction at high speeds and comfortable strength for pumping. The various modes are designed to ensure that the electric breast pump is a comfortable fit and Mom-friendly. The system is structured with a closed pumping system that prevents airflow between the expressed milk and the pump. This feature keeps milk separate from the electric breast pump pieces to ensure that better hygiene and performance are both top priorities. The breast pump is actually constructed to prevent any overflow cases which is great and one less thing to be concerned about. It has a rechargeable battery that is built-in which makes it perfect for traveling, shopping or days at the office.

9. Gland Double Electric Breast Pump

Gland Double Electric Breast Pump

This portable breastfeeding pump is imported from Germany and made of some of the safest materials and it is 100% BPA-free it is very smart and ultra-quiet with a memory function setting. The silicone padding prevents leaking breast milk and provides a very pleasant experience for breast pumping. Customers love how easy it to use and it has the ability to adjust its strength levels and it works to overall limit breast pain and it is also very easy to assemble. The cleaning process is practically effortless. The silicone septum protects the milk from contamination and the pump design does, in fact, protect the milk from backflow. You have the ability to increase the vacuum to your liking. The massage option has nine levels of suction and 3 adjustable nodes. This is the most flexible portable lightweight breastfeeding pump with a smart LCD display that makes it easier and more convenient for moms to read difficult sessions, the USB port makes it easier for charging.

8. Electric Double Breast Dual Suction

Electric Double Breast Dual Suction

This double breast portable pump is very efficient and allows for faster pumping sessions. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that only takes 2 hours for a full complete charge and it has a USB charging port with the cable included. This makes it more convenient for you to charge in various locations. The breast pump is built with a soft cushion and the anti-backflow design eliminates the need to lean forward while pumping, makes the entire experience more comfortable. The LCD screen is high-definition making its entire display easy to read as well as it’s a sensitive touch panel. These components work together to making the entire system easy to operate with one-touch motion. The entire breast pump does not come with a charger adapter however you can use any USB cable or the included cable to charge the device.

7. Double Portable Breast Feeding by COCOBELA

Double Portable Breast Feeding by COCOBELA

This breast pump is made up of 100% safe materials and it is FDA-approved and certified so that mothers can pump freely without any issues. It is easy to turn on with a one-touch of two to three seconds, it has delay operation design which presents mistakable touches to the motor is ultra-quiet so that it won’t disturb your sleeping baby. It’s extremely portable with a USB charging as well it has an anti-reflux function that prevents the backflow, so that breast milk goes directly into the bottle tube and monitor. The company offers a 30-day back guarantee but customers absolutely rave about the customer service. The product also fits in most storage bags so that you can use the device any and everywhere possible. It is 1.37 lbs and completely BPA-free. It comes with a user manual silicone tubing bottle cap and bottle-fed changer as well.

6. Automatic Double Electric Breast Pump by Sweet decorations

Automatic Double Electric Breast Pump by Sweet decorations

This device has extremely soft massage pad designs for comfort. It has dishwasher capabilities for safe and effective cleaning of the parts as well. It has a very compact design which is easy to assemble in a rather quick manner. It can be carried with you on the go and it can be stored away in a very discrete manner. The pump is assembled with five different molds to provide nine different levels of comfort so that each user can find the best setting for them. The best feature is the charging duration of two shorts hours which allows the pump to work for 90 minutes total.

5. SURPCOS Electric Breast Pump by SURPCOS

SURPCOS Electric Breast Pump by SURPCOS

This has three nice nodes for memory function, automatically close function, and backflow prevention. Customers love that it also has a very is very compact and easy for a mother to work and travel and it has the LED screen so mothers are clearly able to see the status of pumping and the suction level is displayed as well. The buttons are simple to service so operation is easy. The memory function allows for all of your comfort levels to be set so you don’t have to continue changing it to your liking. It’s hygienic the anti-backflow protection separates the milk to ensure that milk hygiene is perfectly safe for the baby to consume and it prevents milk leakage.

4. EnJoye LBI Professional Grade Breast Pump by Hygeia Ii Medical Group Inc.

EnJoye LBI Professional Grade Breast Pump by Hygeia Ii Medical Group Inc.

This equipment is very durable for long term usage. Customer has reviewed the product with and it appears that a great majority of the users have had great experiences with the product. They have left great regards to the product’s professional capabilities and its long-lasting usage. The pump is not very compact in size but it is highly recommended for those expecting multiple users or for stationing the system at home.

3. Hygeia Enjoye Breast Pump by Hygeia Ii Medical Group Inc.

Hygeia Enjoye Breast Pump by Hygeia Ii Medical Group Inc.

This breast pump comes with baguette is good for long term infrequent pumping and it holds great amount of milk customers are grateful for its pricing and the company has great customer service as well.

2. HG100058EA – EnJoye LBI Professional Grade Breast Pump with Tote and PAS by Hygeia Ii Medical Group Inc.

HG100058EA - EnJoye LBI Professional Grade Breast Pump with Tote and PAS by Hygeia Ii Medical Group Inc.

This affordable breast pump is great for the long-term and it holds a great amount of breast-milk single or double pumping. Mother’s love that the pump’s affordability does not take away from the fact that it does not take away from its quality. It is portable and convenient allowing for flexible usage in various locations. The tubing is flexible and multiple mothers praise the pumps gentle features.

1. Hygeia breast pump Enjoye

Hygeia breast pump Enjoye

This pump is user-friendly, lightweight and very easy to use. Mothers enjoy the functions that allow for the pumping experience to be much more enjoyable. The pump also comes with hands-free tools that are a great bonus. It has been reported that the pump requires extreme amounts of upkeeping in order to keep the pump running properly. Other than that, people have reported that the pump is great for repeat uses and it is pretty easy to get the insurance companies involved to take care of the payment process.