Top 8 High Pressure Steam Cleaner 2020 Reviews

Steam cleaners are becoming a trendy cleaning tool as it works exceptionally well to get rid of the specks of dirt and germs from your floor. The highlight of owning a steam cleaner is that it offers a healthier cleaning option for you. Steam cleaner features technology that removes dust, dirt effectively and uses heat to get rid of germs that you cannot see with your bare eyes. The deep cleansing capability of a steam cleaner also removes stains easier from any type of surface with high pressure and heated water. Steam cleaners can even help you get rid of bedbugs. With a steam cleaner, you also don’t need to spend money and time to buy chemical detergents, all you need is water.

As this cleaning item is becoming a big trend, there are so many brands available in the market right now. Finding the right one might be overwhelming for you. So to save you time, this article has compiled all the reviews of the best 8 ones available right now for your consideration. Whether you are looking for the best steam cleaner for ceramic tile floors, you should pay attention to THREE factors when getting yourself a high-pressure steam cleaner.

Buying Guides of High-Pressure Steam Cleaner

Type: similar to vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners come in a variety of types and sizes. You can choose among the handheld type (more affordable, small, and lightweight), the mop type (steamers that work as a mop, easy to use), the canister steam cleaners (bulkier, but bigger water cylinder). You need to ensure the size of the weight of the cleaner you want as you have to drag them along with you as you clean your house.

Pressure & Heat Level: Check for the pressure and heat level of the steamer. Steam cleaners that have a higher temperature produce dryer steam and higher pressure for more efficient deep cleaning and getting rids of germs and bacteria.

Tank Capacity and Features: consider the tank capacity depends on how big your floor and house is. The bigger the tank capacity, the longer you can steam clean your floor. Also, look for the cleaning features, some models have extra features that make steam cleaning even easier.

Now that you know the three essentials of getting a good high-pressure steam cleaner, let’s dive into the reviews of the 8 best products available for you to choose from.

8. Reliable Pronto 100CH Portable Steam Cleaner

Reliable Pronto 100CH Portable Steam Cleaner

This is Reliable Pronto 100CH Portable Steam Cleaner. This powerful handheld steam cleaner features Proto’s High-Pressure nozzle to do the tough deep cleaning jobs with maximized pressure of 4 bar pressure level and continuous stream. It has a quick steam heat-up feature at only 2 minutes. It is very comfortable to hold with curvy black and white design. This steam cleaner ensures you the perfect deep cleansing with maximum security via its patented Comfort Safety System that provides automatic opening and closing of the water tank. It comes with a high-quality fabric steamer for quick cleaning to save your time. It is equipped with the Aramid bonnet and a stream gun feature for direct steam exactly where you want it.


  • High-Pressure nozzle, deep cleaning
  • 4 bar pressure level and a continuous stream
  • 2 minutes heat up, Patented Safety System
  • Aramid bonnet and direct stream gun

7. Comforday Multi-Purpose Handheld Steam Cleaner

Comforday Multi-Purpose Handheld Steam Cleaner

There is Comforday Multi-Purpose Handheld Steam Cleaner. This one is a useful handheld steam cleaner tool that comes with 9 different nozzles for your perfect and quick cleaning for different places and items. The nozzle set includes an extended nozzle, Spray Cup with Brush, Bent Spray, Funnel, Measuring Cup, Spray Cup for Door and window, towel Sleeve, Brush Plate, Long Spray Cup. This multi-purpose tool is very powerful with 1050W of power and pressurizes powerful hot steam (250-270F) for up to 15-20 minutes. This is a convenient and efficient steam cleaner for home use both indoor and outdoor (through the extension). This handheld steam cleaner is best suited for sealed surfaces. You only need water to use this steam cleaner. It also includes a safety lock and a safety cap.


  • 9 nozzles for perfect and quick cleaning
  • 1050W of power and hot steam (250-270F)
  • Use indoor and outdoor (through the extension)
  • Safety lock and safety cap

6. MOSCHE Pressurized Steam Cleaner

MOSCHE Pressurized Steam Cleaner

This model from Mosche is a multipurpose cleaning tool for your daily cleaning and disinfection needs. It’s great for cleaning specific places in your home from the sinks, stoves, countertops, clothes, and sofa fabric. Just like our previous model, this one comes with a set of 9-piece nozzle kit and a 100cm Flexible hose with a gun nozzle for outdoor use. This cleaner features a high-pressure 2050 watts steamer for efficient cleaning, especially to remove stains. It has 12 oz. water capacity and emits continuous steam for up to 20 minutes. It is lightweight and comes with a handle so you can carry it around your home with a convenient 9 ft. power cord. The newly upgraded model also adds a unique child lock and safety cover.


  • Great for cleaning specific places
  • Set of 9-piece nozzle kit and 100cm Flexible hose
  • High-pressure 2050 watts steamer, 20 mins heat
  • Lightweight, carry handle, 9ft power cord
  • Child-lock and safety cover

5. KoolaMo Steam Cleaner

KoolaMo Steam Cleaner

This is a one-piece auto handheld steam cleaner for your daily household cleaning needs. It comes with a 9 piece nozzle, and a 100cm hose. This one has a durable design to ensure it lasts for a long time with upgraded steam technology at 1050 Watts and a continuous heated stream up to 10 minutes. It has a 12 Oz. water capacity. This yellow model cleaner is very lightweight and easy to use. It has a full coverage handheld design that makes it easy to carry from room to room with 9 in. the power cord. The pressurized steam remains strong and hot even when you’re using extension nozzles outdoors. This model is water-efficient with a strong flow for quick cleaning. It also has a unique child lock and safety cover.


  • Durable design, 9 piece premium nozzle
  • 100cm hoes, continuous steam (extension)
  • 1050 Watts and strong heating up to 10 minutes
  • Full coverage handheld design
  • Water-efficient, child-lock

4. Bissell Steam Shot

Bissell Steam Shot

This all-silver model offers you super quick and powerful steam and pressure. It comes with a 6.6 Oz. water capacity so it can heat up in less than 30 seconds for that perfect and quick cleaning. This is ideal if you want to clean your tabletop, sofa, or even your clothes. Just turn it on, press the trigger button, and you have the powerful steam on demand. This model is 100% chemical-free with no harmful fumes or residue that can affect you or your children. It comes with a different nozzle flat scraping tool, grout brush, angle concentrator, 3 color-coded round brushes for you to perfectly clean and switch between tools for different objects. The cord is long enough for you to move this around your room with no problem.


  • High-pressure steam cleaner with 30s heat uptime
  • Easy-to-press trigger, heated steam on demand
  • 100% chemical-free with no harmful fumes or residue
  • Includes accessory nozzle, and cleaning brush tools
  • Tank capacity – 6 oz.

3. BISSELL Steam Shot Deluxe Hard-Surface Cleaner

BISSELL Steam Shot Deluxe Hard-Surface Cleaner

This is BISSELL Steam Shot Deluxe Hard-Surface Cleaner. This model is super easy to use with a tank capacity of 6.6 oz. that heats up very quickly in 20-30 seconds. It is a powerful high-pressure steam cleaner with an easy-to-press trigger. Bissel’s steam shot series is a patented item that is very durable and features premium quality nozzles and accessories. It comes with durable plastic cleaning brushes, extension hoes, and scraping tools for your convenience and efficient cleaning. It features a 1000 watt power rating to ensure continuous steam and quick heat up. You can easily move this around your house or outdoors with a 20 ft long power cord that will not tear easily after a long time of use and moving around. It is easy to assemble and clean. Every BISSELL purchase also helps save homeless pets.


  • 6.6 oz capacity tank, 20 seconds heat up
  • 1000-Watt Power Rating, Continuous Steam
  • 2o ft Power Cord, heavy-duty
  • Includes premium cleaning Accessory, Extension
  • High-pressure with an easy-to-press trigger

2. CGOLDENWALL Pressure Steam Cleaner

CGOLDENWALL Pressure Steam Cleaner

This model features very high-temperature steam and a large capacity tank. It has a 135℃ high-temperature steam with 4 bar high pressure for the perfect deep cleaning through gaps and hidden spaces. It is ideal for removing old or oily stains using a chemical-free cleaning method. It comes with 900ml large-capacity with a pure aluminum tank to ensure faster healing and better compression performance in less than 5 minutes. The steam is continuous and hot and the sizes can be controlled by an adjustable handle. This portable model comes with a shoulder strap and handles, easy to hold or carry on the shoulder with a 3m long power cord and extension hoes. It has a safety valve and child lock to ensure safe operation. It comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • 135℃ high-temperature steam with 4 bar high pressure
  • Ideal for removing old or oily stains
  • 900ml large-capacity with a pure aluminum tank
  • Heat sizes can be controlled by an adjustable handle
  • Shoulder strap, with 3m long power cord, 1-year warranty

1. Sargent Steam Cleaner

Sargent Steam Cleaner

This premium and multi-purpose steam cleaner is built to last and comes with 17 cleaning accessories for all of your indoor and outdoor cleaning needs. To ensure perfect cleaning, it comes with a powerful and high-pressure steam system with powerful 68 lbs of steam pressure to blast away dirt, stains, and get rid of gems with instant heat-up steam. It comes with heavy-duty materials so you can use this cleaner for commercial purposes. It has a long power cord and high water capacity tank so you can move this around anywhere for long hour cleaning. You can quickly change the cleaning accessories with ease and continue the steam with the adjustable handles. The steam maintains heat and strong pressure even with long extensions so this is extra great for outdoor cleaning.


  • Heavy-duty 17 cleaning accessories
  • Powerful 68 lbs of steam pressure
  • Industry and commercial capability
  • Long power cord, high water capacity
  • Quick change accessories and handle
  • Maintain heat and strong pressure, even with the extension


So these are the reviews of the top 8 high-pressure steam cleaners and their features to ensure your house is clean and germ-free. Now that you know the highlights of a good high-pressure steam cleaner, we believe you are ready to go and browse for the steam cleaner that would best fit your cleaning needs. Remember to consider the level of pressure and heat, the type of cleaner, and the weight and features that come along with it. Go with the product that would best fit your needs, happy shopping!