Top 5 Gas Powered Golf Carts 2019 Reviews

Golf carts are small vehicles that are designed for carrying golfers and their clubs. They can also be used in desert trials for avoiding walking. There are two types of golf carts, electric powered and gas powered. The former one is used for a recreational purpose, but the latter one is suitable for getting versatility and performance. Gas golf carts are packed with more power and they are dependable too.

Before purchasing a golf cart, you should decide the type of golf course you will be playing. Factors such as terrain, hills, weather, etc also have a greater influence on purchasing a cart. If you have a natural and even course, you can purchase a small horsepower cart. But, you need a more powerful one in hilly areas. You should also consider various other factors such as capacity, dimensions, versatility, accessories, dependability, etc while purchasing a golf cart.

Top Best Sellers in Gas Powered Golf Carts

5. Madjax 01-008 Genesis

Madjax 01 008 Genesis

The Madjax 01-008 Genesis is a very popular rear flip seat kit that comes with molded polyethylene cargo bed and white cushions. Manufactured by MadJax, this cart has a diamond plate texture. It accommodates two more passengers in this golf cart. There is a cargo area in this cart, which is ideal for keeping tools, coolers, equipment and other such things. Though the cart is flat, it has sturdy surface. Thus, the cart is ideal for working or playing. It has a non-warping bed design. High-quality, long-lasting, and durable products are used for making this product. So, it can deliver an amazing performance.


  • High-quality cart
  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • Diamond plate texture
  • White cushions
  • Effective for resisting mildew and fading
  • Perfectly fit 1994-Up EZGO TXT carts

4. Madjax 01-010 Genesis 150 (Sandstone Cushions)

Madjax 01 010 Genesis 150

Manufactured by Madjax, the 01-010 Genesis 150 (Sandstone Cushions) is a versatile flip seat kit. It is the outcome of several months of experiments. This flip seat kit is extremely beneficial because it provides you enough room for accommodating two more passengers. The Madjax 01-010 Genesis 150 can also be folded over for making space for a cargo area. Thus, you can keep lots of accessories in this space. It has a sturdy surface, which allows you using the golf cart for play or work. The product comes with color instructions. Sandstone cushions differentiate this product from the above model. The kit is ideal for electric EZGO RXV and 2008-up gas golf carts.


  • High quality
  • Affordable
  • Sandstone cushions
  • Resist mildew and fading
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Go perfectly with 2008-Up EZGO RXV golf carts

3. Madjax 01-012 Genesis (Oyster Cushions) by Madjax

Madjax 01 012 Genesis Oyster Cushions by Madjax

If you purchase a good gas golf cart, you can keep your golf clubs securely. It is also highly helpful for moving from one course to the other. They are also extremely convenient. So, they are becoming very popular these days. You need not spend much effort to move a gas golf cart from one place to another. The Madjax 01-012 Genesis (Oyster Cushions) is equipped with best features, attractive design, and the price of which is also affordable. This model is sturdy as well as multi-functional. You can also set it up within a few minutes. It comes with a smart design, so you can move it on different types of terrains. It is extremely durable, so you can use it for years without any problem. Mildew and fade resistant material is used for manufacturing this device. You can use it 2007-Up Yamaha G29/Drive Golf Carts.


  • Mildew and fade resistant
  • Cargo bed is created by using molded polyethylene
  • Oyster Cushions
  • High quality
  • Affordable
  • Go with 2007-Up Yamaha G29

2. Madjax 01-004 Genesis (Buff Cushions)

Madjax 01 004 Genesis

The 01-004 Genesis (Buff Cushions) is the other amazing flip seat kit by Madjax. If you install this rear seat kit, you can accommodate two extra passengers in the cart. The unused space can be used conveniently for carrying tools and equipment. The sturdy design allows you to carry small loads around your property. The buff cushions are more convenient. The cargo bed of this device is made by using molded polyethylene. Diamond plate texture is the other peculiar feature of this flip seat kit. You can use it 2001.5-Up models.


  • Effectively resist mildew and fading
  • High quality
  • Highly convenient
  • Accommodate two more passengers
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable

1. Madjax 01-001 Genesis 150

Madjax 01 001 Genesis 150

Flip seat kit is a wonderful accessory because it is beneficial for adding more space to your golf cart. There are five major components in a seat kit that include cushions, frame, footrest, seat back support bracket, and deck board. This is a flip seat kit, so you can fold over the seat bottom. Thus you can make more flat cargo deck. It is also convenient for carrying more passengers or carrying tools. The Madjax 01-001 Genesis 150 is the best quality seat kit because of lots of amazing features. You can use it 2004-Up Club Precedent Golf Carts. You can also install it in your vehicle smoothly and safely.


  • Can accommodate two more passengers
  • Enough room for keeping your tools perfectly
  • Perfect for 2004-Up model
  • Mildew and fade resistant
  • High quality
  • Long lasting and durable

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