Top 10 Electric Jack Hammers 2020 Reviews

If you’re constantly doing DIY projects around your house for you might have your own contractor business, it is very important to have tools that will be powerful and last for a long time. You need your jack hammer drill to break through dense and tough surfaces such as stone, brick, concrete, cement, and asphalt. The only way to find the right jack hammer for you to examine the power, durability, and control. Fortunately, we have got you covered! We’ve taken a look at those factors and came up with a top 10 list of the best electric jack hammer on the market today.

10. Makita 3-Mode Speed AVT Rotary Hammer

Makita 3-Mode Speed AVT Rotary Hammer

The Makita AVT Rotary Hammer is one of the best electric jack hammers because it’s built with Anti-Vibration Technology. It has an internal counterbalance structure for notably less vibration. This model integrates power and performance with less vibration in a compact size. This hammer is perfect for an assortment of uses including overhead drilling.


  • It’s comfortable to use because of the smalls circumference barrel grip.
  • The side handle is position at an increased 20° angle for added comfort and control.
  • The durability factor is real because of the protective zig-zag varnish seals the motor from dust and
    debris for longer life.
  • It’s reliable and strong because of the machine bevel gears provide up to 2x longer service life in competitive models.
  • It includes 4-1/2″ Angle Grinder (GA4530), Side Handle (451749-9), Depth Gauge (331886-4), and a Tool Case

9. MPT Soft Grip Adjustable Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill

MPT Soft Grip Adjustable Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill

The MPT Hammer Drill has a sleek and stylish design. You immediately notice that the red and silver as the main colors. Even though it might look small and compact, once you hold it You’ll feel that it is heavier than expected.

It is durable and reliable because the manufacturer made this electric hammer with the aim of giving a sufficient amount of power for all sorts of drilling projects.


  • It puts out 1,050watts of power and the drill can conduct up to 4,500 bpm.
  • The maximum RPM is set at 930allow this tool to be very capable and versatile.
  • The tool utilizes an 8.5 Amp motor and has three different settings for all drilling purposes.
  • It’s durable for any surface such as steel, concrete, masonry, and wood.
  • It comes with 8*150mm drill bit*1,10*150mm drill bit*1,12*150mm drill bit*1; 14*250mm point chisel*1,14*250mm flat chisel*1; Auxiliary handle*1; Replaceable carbon brush 1 set; 329Grease*Dust proof cap*1.

8. Bosch Demolition Hammer

Bosch Demolition Hammer

The Bosch Demolition Hammer is a 13.0 amp tool that gets the job done. It has terrific power-to-weight performance so you can feel comfortable while working and get the job done fast. This hammer provides Constant Response circuitry for sustained power under load. The hammer also has easy starts and overload protection.


  • It has a max of 2,900 BPM So it really delivers and a lot of power.
  • It weighs only 13.7 lbs so it’s small and compact.
  • The hammer has vibration control so the user can be comfortable and safe while the hammer is in use.
  • It comes with Vario-Lock which allows the rotating and locking of the chisel with precision.
  • It includes a One Year Warranty.

7. Hiltex SDS Rotary Hammer Drill

Hiltex SDS Rotary Hammer Drill

The Hiltex 10513 SDS Rotary Hammer Drill possesses a 1,000 watts motor that provides 5 ft-lb impact veracity and energy against the hardest of surfaces. This electric hammer drill has three different modes you can use: hammer-only, hammer and drill, and drill-only. The handle can swivel 360-degrees so you can adjust the grip correctly to fit your needs during projects.


  • It has a 1,000 watts motor to give off the powerful 5 ft-lb impact energy.
  • It has three different modes: hammer only, hammer drill, and drill only.
  • The auxiliary handle with a textured grip allows maximum control and comfort.

6. ENEACRO SDS-Plus 12 Amp Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill

ENEACRO SDS-Plus 12 Amp Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill

The ENEACRO Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill is one of the best electric jack hammers because It’s designed to perform what is and complete precision when in use. It has a powerful and efficiently made motor. The heat dissipation motor and double anti-dust configuration can lengthen the hammer’s use of life.

It is also safe to use because of the safety clutch. So when the hammer is performing at a high force of torque, the system will be triggered to stop it. When this does happen, don’t worry the hammer can easy to start up again.


  • It has a powerful motor 12Amp(1500W) with 6 ft./lbs so you can get the job done quickly.
  • It has four functions: drill, hammer, chisel and hammer drill. This is to help you with various projects you might have to do.
  • This electric drill hammer comes with a safety clutch that offers protection when the machine is
  • The drilling capacity is great for going through concrete and other dense materials.
  • The hammer’s laze speed is 820 per minute and the max hard-hitting energy is 4200bpm.
  • The toolset includes a 12-month warranty card, drill bits*3 (5/16*6-Inch, 3/8 X 6-inch,1/2 X 6-inch), 5/9*10-inch point chisel*1, 5/9*10-inch flat chisel*1, Auxiliary handle*1, Replaceable carbon brush 1 set, 329Grease*1, Dustproof cap*1, Instruction book*1.

5. VonHaus 10 Amp Electric Rotary Hammer Drill

VonHaus 10 Amp Electric Rotary Hammer Drill

The VonHaus 10 Amp Electric Rotary Hammer Drill has enough power to handle the toughest DIY home projects. This tool is ideally great for hards jobs such as removing brickwork, taking down wall plaster, dismantling tiles and digging out old grouting. The power comes from its 10A motor which makes it perfect for drilling into dense materials.


  • The hammer can change speeds with no resistance with the 850 RPM and variable speed trigger so you can remain in total control.
  • It has an anti-vibrational mechanism and auxiliary handle for safety and comfort.
  • It comes with three different functions: hammer only, hammer drill, and drill only so you can do the job
  • The hammer dill is compatible with SDS and SDS-Plus bits making it very versatile.

4. Makita Rotary Hammer

Makita Rotary Hammer

The Makita Rotary Hammer is a multipurpose tool that provides hard-punching power in a small size for faster and more productive work. This model of Makita hammer (HR2475) comfortable with easy-to-use. It’s well-designed with a rubber D-handle grip and a soft grip side handle so you can get the job done.


  • The powerful hammer has a 7.0 AMP motor that provides 2 ft.lbs. of hitting energy to handle the most complex projects.
  • It has three function modes: rotation only, hammering with rotation and hammering only for multiple uses.
  • It has a torque control clutch system to prevent the deterioration of the gears by automatically stopping
    gears if the bit binds.
  • It has a recessed lock-on button for continuous use.
  • Included in the kit is a one year warranty.

3. F2C 2200W Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

F2C 2200W Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

F2C 2200W Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer is one of the best powerful and durable jack hammers on the market. With it weighing only 45 lbs, and 55 impact joules driven by a 2,200-watt it provides 1,900 of hitting per minute allow it to tackle difficult surfaces easily.
You are getting a bargain by owning this F2C electric jackhammer because of its high-quality performance and low cost compared to other brands.


  • The tool is versatile by it’s locking rotating chisel allowing you to switch to different angles so you can efficiently get your work done.
  • It is made with safety in mind with a handle being made out of plastic material to prevent you from electricity.
  • This is a high-power jackhammer with an outstanding motor packing 2200 watt of energy.
  • There is no loading speed because of the 1900 hitting per minute(55j) so get your job done with speed and ease.
  • This tool includes: blow and mod case, 1-1/8″ Bull point chisel, 1-1/8″ Flat chisel, oil feeder, hexagon bar wrench, glove, safety goggle, safety mask

2. DEWALT Rotary Hammer Drill

DEWALT Rotary Hammer Drill

The DEWALT Rotary Hammer Drill is a lightweight, low-vibration, a high-performance drill and is perfect for today’s contractors. It’s made with German engineering allowing it to be a durable and long-lasting tool. It packs 3.0 joules of hard-hitting energy that provides up to 15 percent faster speed of usage that users demanded. This perfect hammer drill was made by professionals for professionals.


  • It has 3.0 joules of hard-hitting energy for getting the job done quickly with fast drilling and chipping speeds.
  • It has an 8.5 Amp high-performance motor.
  • The hammer drill comes with Active Vibration Control Technology that reduces vibration for control and comfort reasons.
  • It has high-performance and protect features such as a rotating brush ring that provides full torque in
    forward and reverse Integral clutch reduces sudden, high torque reactions if bit jams.
  • It also includes a one Year Free Service Compatible with a D25301D drilling dust extraction system.

1. XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

The XtremepowerUS Jack Hammer has 2200 watt of energy-giving 1800 hard-hitting per minute at 55 ft/lbs, making it one of the most powerful tools available to break through dense surfaces. This item does not need an air compressor which makes it one of the most portable jack hammer on the market. It is ideal for trenching, demolition, breaking holes in concrete, chipping, brick, block, housing foundation removal, tile stucco, oil chimney concrete slab and many more projects.


  • It has an adjustable 360-degree angle foregrip that gives its users full control of positioning when in use.
  • It’s great for DIY projects around the home and a contractor’s business because of the high-voltage it packs(voltage:110v/60 HZ).
  • It’s so heavy duty and durable drill that helps you get the job done efficiently.
  • It’s one of the most powerful tools available because it provides 1800 BPM for fast demolition.