Top 10 Drywall Drills 2020 Reviews

Finding the perfect tool for the job can sometimes be a taxing process. The perfect drywall drill will be durable, last, and enable you to accurately complete any drywall instillation to the best of your ability. If you’re in the market for a drywall drill, this list is a must. Search no further. These are the top ten.

10. Dewalt Drywall Screw Gun

Dewalt Drywall Screw Gun

This drill lightweight and incredibly easy to use. You’ll be able to comfortably use it longer with its ergonomic two-finger rubber trigger which reduces wrist, finger, and general hand discomfort. You will not have to worry about depth accuracy. Consistent fastner depth is easily achieved with its depth-sensitive nose-piece. Just set it and forget it. Its Hi-speed transmission makes it a great tool for high production drywall hanging. Helical-cut steel, heat-treated steel gears ensure a long life for your drill and ultra durability. Your purchase comes with a one year warranty, one year service agreement, and a thirty day no-risk trial. So if you are not entirely satisfied, simply return it.

9. Makita Drywall Screwdriver

Makita Drywall Screwdriver

This drill’s BL Motor delivers 0-4,000 RPM which enables it to handle a variety of both drywall and framing applications. Its Push Drive Technology – in lock-on mode the motor starts only when the fastener is engaged. This allows for both a quieter, less audibly stressful work environment and also saves on battery power. The BL Brushless Motor eliminates carbon brushes which enables the BL Motor to run cooler and more efficiently for longer life of the drill. This aspect gives contractors a quieter work environment, and also saves on battery power. This tool is built for added durability with Extreme Protection Technology (XPT), which is engineered for improved dust and water resistance for operation in harsh job site conditions. It is ideal for a variety jobs including hanging sheetrock, metal framing, installing subfloors, backer boards, and decking applications.

8. Dewalt Drywall Screwgun and Cut-out Tool Kit

Dewalt Drywall Screwgun and Cut-out Tool Kit

The Dewalt Screwgun has a brushless motor in both units which will deliver maximum run time. Lithium ion batteries with fuel gauge provide 33% more capacity over standard packs. The included lithium ion battery life averages at 24 hours. This screw gun brings maximum speed and control and high torque capability for a wide range of applications. The included Cut-out Tool offers a 26,000 RPM motor, with tool-free bit change. LED lights on both tools allow for working in darker environments and on darker surfaces. A 3 year limited warranty is included with purchase.

7. Dewalt Max Drill Driver Kit

Dewalt Max Drill Driver Kit

This drill has a compact, lightweight design. A two-speed transmission consistently delivers optimal speed and torque control. A LED light on the drill provides visibility in dark areas. A Belt hook included for portability, so you can carry it around anywhere. Included with your purchase is a 3 Year Limited Warranty, 1 Year Free Service Contract, and a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t like it, just return it.

6. Dewalt Max XR Drywall Screw Gun

Dewalt Max XR Drywall Screw Gun

This drill quickly converts to and from an auto-feed collated screw driving system. No toll is needed to change screw sizes, driving depth, and install/remove the attachment. There is also a disassembly release button for occasional blow-out/cleaning. This particular tool accepts most major/generic screw strip brands.

5. Black&Decker Drill And Home Tool Kit

Black&Decker Drill And Home Tool Kit

It has an 11 Position Clutch provides precise control for drilling into wood, metal, plastic, and all screw driving tasks. It has a lightweight ergonomic design which allows for prolonged. Its easy to use in confined spaces. Its variable speed allows countersinking without damaging any of the materials involve. Your purchase includes various tools and bits for a variety of DIY options. This purchase also comes with a two year limited warranty. The life of this battery is approximately 24 hours.

4. Worx Switchdriver 2-in-1 Cordless Drill and Driver

Worx Switchdriver 2-in-1 Cordless Drill and Driver

This drill has rotating dual chucks which let you switch between bits fast. It has a variable 2-speed gearing which tackles all common drilling & driving functions. It has a maximum drilling capacity of 3/8 inch of steel. This purchase includes 2 MaxLithium 20V batteries which are part of the 20V Power Share platform of DIY yard and power tools that share batteries, which saves you time and money. A three year manufacturer’s warranty is included.

3. Dewalt Rotary Saw

Dewalt Rotary Saw

The Dewalt Rotary Saw includes one drywall cutting bit and 1/4″, 1/8″ collets. It has a turn on/bump off switch allows for easy shut off. Its 5 amp, 30,000 rpm Motor gives more cutting power. This drill has an ergonomic which lessens wrist and arm fatigue. Dust sealed switch protects against dust ingestion. Purchase of this drill comes with a one year warranty, one year service agreement, and 30 day no-risk trial. If you are not completely satisfied, you can simply return it.

2. Dewalt Max Drywall Cut-Out Tool

Dewalt Max Drywall Cut-Out Tool

This drill has a 26,000 RPM motor which delivers fast cutting not only in drywall, but also acoustical ceiling tiles, plywood, etc. Tool-free and easy bit changing that you’ll be able to accomplish without having to grab for a wrench. This drill has a dust-sealed switch which protects against dust ingestion. This aspect allows for longer tool life. You’ll be able to see with this drill’s bright LED light. This will enable you to work on darker surfaces, not just the same, old, boring, drywall, and simply visualize your surface in shadowy areas. This drill’s slim, lightweight design will not add stress to your wrist and hands. You’ll be able to work longer with this ergonomic design. Batteries and charger are sold separately, but purchase of this drill does come with a three year warranty.

1. Avid Power MAX Lithium Ion Cordless Drill

Avid Power MAX Lithium Ion Cordless Drill

This drill is hands down the number one drywall drill for It checks all the boxes. Your purchase comes with a multifunctional battery pack which includes a 20V 1.5Ah Lithium-ion battery pack. This has a USB output which is also compatible for phone charging and real-time capacity indicator so you never are taken by surprise when your the life runs out. Max torque for drilling into wood 13/16”(20mm) or steel plate 3/8” (10mm).​​It has a lightweight and compact design which minimizes wrist and hand fatigue caused by most daily screwing and drilling tasks. An ergonomic rubber-covered handle enables effortless one hand use with a comfortable grip. LED light illuminates dark working areas. Its speed is variable(0-550RPM) This combined with an electric brake function provides accurate precision. Included are 10pcs drill bits, 10pcs driver bits, and an extension bar for attaching to the fastener. Also included is a magnetic flexible shaft which allows the user to get to hard-to-reach places.