Chair Lifts For Stairs 2020 Reviews

Chair lift for stairs is a wonderful solution for people who suffer mobility issues. A stair lift will carry a person up and down the stairs in a safe seated position. Thus, they can access easily to the second story or basement level. A chair lift is helpful for solving the stress involved in one story to the other. However, so many options are available today. Therefore, it will be difficult for selecting a chair lift according to your requirements and budget.

You should consider various factors while purchasing a stair lift. The weight and height of the user should be your primary consideration. Then, you need to consider the width and configuration of the stairway. Your decision will also vary if there is an existing handrail. There are mainly two types of stair lifts, one is straight and the other is curved. You can purchase one according to the stairway of your home. The best stair lifts come with some solid safety features such as footrest safety sensor, safety switch, limit switches, lockable isolation switch, remote control, battery backup for power outrages, and a seat belt.

5. Jameson Outdoor Stair Lift

Jameson Outdoor Stair Lift

Your mobility can be challenged due to old age, accidents, diseases, and lots of other reasons. If you think that there is no option for your mobility-related issues, you can consider purchasing a good stair lift. If you purchase the best stair lift, you can access multi-storied buildings very easily. Jameson is a popular name in the selling and installation of various different stair lifts such as curved, straight, and outdoor. The Outdoor Stair Lift is a high-quality stair lift of Jameson. This is an ideal choice for cold climates. It has a covered gear system, so you can operate it very easily. Rack and Pinion drive are the other peculiar features of Jameson Outdoor Stair Lift.


  • Ideal for cold climates
  • Covered gear system
  • Comes with Rack and pinion drive
  • Designed for outdoor purposes

4. Nautilus Stair Lift

Nautilus Stair Lift

Millions of senior citizens fall down from stairwells or staircases each year. It can lead to serious head injuries and even broken bones. But, only less than half of them tell about their injuries to doctors. The Nautilus Stair Lift is a solution for all these types of problems. The stair lift requires very little or no maintenance for keeping it in good condition. Extraordinary lifting capacity, ease of access, comfortable seating, etc are the features of Nautilus Stair Lift. This is a grease free and worm drive stair lift. It folds to just 10.5 inches, thus it offers you more convenience.


  • Grease free
  • Worm drive
  • Comfortable
  • Comes with arms and footrest
  • Comfortable seating
  • Seating capacity is excellent
  • Folds to 10.5 inches

3. Harmar Stair Lift

Harmar Stair Lift

Harmar is a very popular manufacturer of stair lifts. Reliability and high-quality are the peculiarities of the stair lifts of Harmar. The Stair Lift w/ is an economical option for budget conscious customers. The Harmar Stair Lift is a sturdy, well-made and safe stair lift. You can purchase this chair lift if you are not able to afford a higher end product. You can fold the seat and footrest, which allows you to save space. It is ideal for standard 115 VAC household. This stair lift is equipped with rocker controls with constant-power functionality. Thus, you can stop it immediately if the control is released. There are separate controls at the top and bottom of the stairs. Motor and drivetrain of this stair lift are protected with a lifetime warranty. There are three different settings on the backrest. The seat is wide and spacious with padding and upholstery.


  • Safe and sturdy
  • Lifetime warranty for motor and drive-train
  • Wide and spacious seat
  • Foot and arms rest
  • Constant power functionality
  • Rocker controls
  • Folded seat and footrest

2. Legacy Classic Stair Lift

Legacy Classic Stair Lift

You can move around your home freely if you purchase Legacy Classic Stair Lift. Manufactured by Jameson, this is the safe and reliable option for getting a sense of independence. You can very comfortably glide up and down if you use this stair lift. This battery operated chair is perfect for supporting up to 350 lbs. You can also operate it very easily. The Legacy Classic Stair Lift comes with premium features such as remotes, wireless seat controls, etc at an incredibly affordable price. The classic seatbelt offers you maximum comfort and support. Armrest switch and two wireless remote controls allow you to call and send lift very easily.


  • Reliable and safe
  • Very comfortable
  • Battery operated chair
  • Support up to 350 lbs
  • Easy to use
  • Wireless seat control
  • High back seating
  • Folds to 11 inches from the wall
  • Folding armrest

1. Elegant Stair Lift in Walnut

Elegant Stair Lift in Walnut

Comes with rich features, it is the ideal for keeping people with mobility challenges safely. You will also get maximum independence, which is the biggest advantage of a chair lift. You will get a sense of freedom and emotional relief if you use Elegant Stair Lift in Walnut. Manufactured by Jameson, this stair lift provides you more flexibility. A horizontal gear system is the other peculiar feature of this stair list. It folds to 11 inches, so you will get maximum comfort when you use this stair lift.


  • Very comfortable
  • Folds to 11 inches
  • Foldable armrests
  • Ideal for getting freedom and emotional relief
  • Flexible
  • Horizontal gear system
  • Flip-up arms
  • Comes with rack and pinion
  • Easy to operate