Top 8 Chain Wallet Men’s 2020 Reviews

A chain wallet is quite a popular accessory for men these days for it serves a variety of purposes. Not only does it come with trending design, but it also offers high functionality. You can attach the chain to your belt, while at the same time, placing the wallet into your pocket. This feature helps assure you of the location of your wallet while also preventing the pickpocket’s thieves from taking their chances on you. The following section is the buying guide for you to consider before purchasing any model of a chain wallet. Thus, the further sections are the top 8 chain wallets that we have compiled based on customer reviews. If you want to know more about this product, you can also check out these articles like the men’s wallets with an elastic strap or the men leather wallet with an ID window.

Buying Guides of Chain Wallet Men

Material Construction: When it comes to this buying guide, the best one you should look for is the men chain wallet that is made of leather. However, leather also comes in different qualities. Go for one that has an acceptable level of quality – soft, and durable, and within your budget range.

Chain: There is a wide range of options you can find on the market in terms of the chain size and style. If you’re up for an aggressive look, then you should go for the wallet that comes with a big long chain. For a minimal look, you can try looking for one with a smaller size chain.

Capacity: Commonly speaking, the wallet with functionality shall come with a design that allows you to keep up to 10 or 12 cards or IDs. Some models can also store your handphone, perfect for light travel purposes. The zippered compartment design would be a bonus, considering you want to keep your coins or flash drives without concern over them getting slipped out.

Durability: This feature links to the material construction factor. With good quality, material construction derives at a durable feature. Stitching is also the aspect that you should make a thorough examination. Even if the wallet consists of a top-notch leather, with poor stitching, it will still be a waste.

8. Men’s RFID Block Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet with Anti-Theft Chain by Shoe Gone

Men’s RFID Block Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet with Anti-Theft Chain by Shoe Gone

This product consists of genuine leather that comes with a combination of the looks, the comfort, and high functionality. You can store up quite a considerable number of cards for it comes in a large capacity of 14 card slots, and 2 ID windows. Featuring the RFID blocking technology, you are stress-free from accidentally losing the cards and involving with a theft case, combining with the chain design. As it is a top-notch product, classic design, along with nice packaging, it really makes a great gift for any occasion.


  • Looks, comfort, and functionality
  • Genuine leather
  • Large capacity – up to 12 card slots
  • RFID blocking technology and chain design – prevent card loss or theft
  • A great choice of a gift for any occasions

7. Pacsafe Z100 RFID blocking Bi-fold Wallet

Pacsafe Z100 RFID blocking Bi-fold Wallet

The Pacsafe Z100 chain wallet that features the RFID blocking technology for extra protection from unauthorized transactions. You will certainly feel at ease and bless with a peaceful mind thanks to this design. In terms of material construct, this man chain wallet by Pacsafe comes with a polyester lining that is considered to be one of the top-quality materials used to make a durable product. It further consists of a zipper, 5 slots for business or credit cards, 1 slot for Identity Card, and 1 for note. Such features grant you with the organized wallet you desire.


  • RFID blocking technology – extra protection from the hacker or unauthorized transactions
  • Features a polyester lining
  • Consists of a zipper, various slots for different cards

6. Kabana Men’s Black Biker’s Wallet

Kabana Men's Black Biker's Wallet

Upcoming on the list is the wallet for men by Kabana that features the 18-inch long metal chain to provide extra protection against theft or pickpocket. It is made from genuine leather that would add value to the quality of the product and the product itself. Some specific pockets allow you to keep the security of your coins from slipping out. It wouldn’t be a good thing to accidentally lose hold of your valuable assets. On top of that, there are clearly two buckles that further enhance the safety of your precious belongings that are stored in your wallet. And not in the least, it has a lightweight design that won’t cause a burden to you carrying it with you around.


  • 18-inch long metal chain – prevents pickpocket
  • Genuine leather
  • Compartments to store coins
  • Features two buckles for cool design and add extra safety
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around

5. Men’s Genuine Leather Long Wallet Chain Wallet by LUUFAN

Men's Genuine Leather Long Wallet Chain Wallet by LUUFAN

The chain wallet by LUUFAN has genuine leather for material construction. Such a feature adds looks, value, and functionality to the product. In terms of performance, it makes this wallet quite durable and has a long useful life. With its vintage style, it is the perfect use for many occasions including business travel, shopping, a daily basis, and so forth. Literally, it is highly versatile. Not to mention, there’s a dragon carving that reflects various good values including royalty, longevity, and wealth. Besides, the chain and the zipper designs add further protection to your belongings from getting stolen or lost. And not in the least, this man chain wallet comes with a large capacity considering there is a total of 14 card-slot pockets.


  • Genuine leather – durable
  • The dragon carving reflects good aspects like royalty, longevity, and wealth
  • The chain and the zipper designs for the protection of your belongings
  • Large capacity of 14 card-slot pockets

4. F&L Classic RFID Men Trifold Leather Steel Chain Wallet

F&L Classic RFID Men Trifold Leather Steel Chain Wallet

This top-quality handcraft product has been tested and permitted by Independent Lab Tests. It features a stainless-steel chain that is attachable to your belt for theft prevention. Its RFID blocking technology further helps block the hacker from unauthorized access to your credit or debit cards. With its heavy threaded and top-quality stitching craftsmanship, it ensures the durability feature. Additionally, thanks to its large capacity design, numerous compartments enable you to store various products even your checkbook, handphone, and more. Above all, it’s actually a unisex product that can be used by both women and men.


  • Premium quality and durable
  • Stainless-steel chain attachable to the belt for theft prevention
  • Blocks unauthorized access to your electronic cards
  • Large capacity – can even store your handphone, checkbook, and others
  • Unisex product

3. Le’aokuu Men’s Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet Organizer Checkbook Iron Chain

Le'aokuu Men's Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet Organizer Checkbook Iron Chain

For material construction, this man wallet is made from genuine leather, the common type of materials used to make such a product. Featuring the detachable iron chain, you can fasten it to your pant or belt for extra protection from theft or pickpocketing incidents. Additionally, the dragon carving presented on the wallet makes it look magnificent as well as classy. Literally, this man wallet has it all – the design, and the functionality.


  • Snap closure
  • Made from genuine leather
  • Detachable iron chain for extra theft prevention
  • Comes with the dragon carving
  • Has both the design and the functionality

2. Men’s Leather RFID Blocking Trifold Wallet by Boshiho

Men's Leather RFID Blocking Trifold Wallet by Boshiho

Constructing from the real leather for the material, it is pretty soft to the touch, durable, and has a long service life. Coming with the RFID blocking and stainless-steel chain designs, it adds another level of security to protect your precious belongings from getting secretly robbed, hacked, or lost by any chance. While the former is more on the electronic platform, the latter, on the other hand, is about physical prevention. In terms of capacity, this man wallet is quite big with a total of 13 cardholders, and more. Basically, this is the ideal gift for both men and women for everyday use.


  • Real leather – soft to the touch, durable, and has a long service life
  • RFID blocking and stainless-steel chain designs – for maximum safety
  • Large capacity
  • Ideal gift for both men and women

1. F&L Classic RFID Blocking Men’s Tri-fold Vintage Biker Steel Chain Wallet

F&L Classic RFID Blocking Men's Tri-fold Vintage Biker Steel Chain Wallet

The steels chain wallet by F& L Classic has a tri-fold just like most of the products on the list. At this position, it has all the qualities and features that a good chain wallet shall have. You will certainly have no disappointment when purchasing the product from this brand, for it results from the best craftsmanship ever. Being no different from those on this top-pick list, it incorporates RFID blocking technology that will keep secure your online transactions from getting hacked. In addition to that, the steel chain design is for the physical protection of your valuable assets from robbery and pickpocketing incidents. Capacity-wise, it is big enough to let you store all of your necessary cards like ID cards, credit or debit cards, or business cards. In short, it’s a perfect accessory to store your valuable belongings for both men and women.


  • Best craftsmanship ever
  • Features the RFID blocking technology
  • Steel chain design
  • Comes with a large enough capacity to keep all your necessary cards
  • A unisex product


Hope you finally found the product that best matches your preferences and budgets after going through our buying guides and 8 best picks. Enjoy your shopping!