Top 10 Best Cat Trees For Large Cats 2020 Reviews

Cats are among the most famous choices for house pets, and it is not hard to understand why. They are extremely adorable, and they make a great companion for the homebody. Even though they are known for being low-maintenance, there are also some necessities you need to get for your fur babies. On top of their food and sleeping space, toys are also very important! One of the most popular items for cat owners is a cat tree. Our article is going to explore not just any cat trees, but the best of the best cat tree for large cats in the market.

Why would you need a cat tree?

You may be wondering why a cat tree is important. Well, a great cat tree offers a healthy outlet for your cat’s natural instinct while minimizing bad behaviors and maximizing their health. With so many options available on the market, it can be hard to pick just one product. Thus, we have put together a list of the 10 best cat trees for large cats on the market.

Features to look for in a Cat Tree

Let’s dive deeper into what are the factors you need to look for when you are buying a cat tree:

How long should it take to assemble?

The first thing you need to consider is the ease of assembly. Remember that you are the one who needs to do the assembly. Thus, you should not make things too difficult for yourself. Most of the cat trees are shipped in pieces, thus it is good to choose a product that comes with all the necessary tools. The pieces should be easy to assemble and stable enough to withstand your cats’ playtime.

What safety features and materials should you look for?

Like we mentioned earlier, stability is always important. A cat tree can be quite tall, thus you need to make sure that it doesn’t wobble or fall while your cat is playing around it. Consider your cat’s weight as well. If it comes with a broad and stable base, it is a plus. Check for extra features such as anti-toppling grips, flat back design, and such. These will guarantee the stability of your cat tree. Another side of the coin is durability. Of course, the cat tree will undergo very rough handling. It needs to be made from high-quality and heavy-duty materials. Surely, you do not want something that will break down merely months after use.

Which size cat tower is best?

Lastly, we want to remind you to keep size in mind. It is important to get a cat tree that offers sufficient space for your cats to play as well as the space of your house. If you do not have a spacious area to install in, we would suggest you pick something in medium size. Cat trees that sit snugly in the corner is also a great plus. Designs and prices should also be considered when you are looking.

10. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House Furniture

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House Furniture

This cat tree by Go Pet Club comes in three different colors It has three platforms one of which is the roof to a rooming house. Made entirely from high-quality compressed wood, faux fur, and sisal rope! It has five sisal rope scratching posts and stands fifty-one inches high. The cat house makes for a comfortable place for your cats to sleep. It also includes a hanging fish toy for them to play with. While designed mainly for smaller cats, it can accommodate large ones as well. This country features ease of assembly, three color choices, and plenty of height for your cats to climb on! The perfect playtime fun!


  • Comes with all the assembly tools
  • High-quality and heavy-duty materials
  • Great height and stability

9. Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

This sixty-two-inch tall cat tree has lots of places for your cats to climb around on. It is not only a place for your cat to climb on, but it has a hammock and a little house for them to sleep in. Its height will give your feline friend lots of climbing opportunities without putting your furniture in danger. Furthermore, its five scratching posts will keep their claws busy and off your furniture. This cat tree’s, main features are a condo, ladder, hanging toys, tunnel, basket, and top perch. The sisal-posts add more fun for your cat’s playtime with the height and raised edges.


  • Durable, sturdy, and high-quality
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Heavy-duty materials

8. Go Pet Club Tree

Go Pet Club Tree

Yet again another product by the brand Go Pet Club! It comes in three different colors and has two little houses for your cats to sleep in. At a height of seventy-two inches, it will give your cat a lot of climbing fun. It has ten sisal rope scratching posts for support poles. It is easy to assemble with the help of clear instructions, and it can provide lots of fun for your cats. The features of the cat tree are two climbing ramps, two condos, a hanging toy, three upper perches, and a whopping ten scratching posts. What else can you ask for from a cat tree?


  • Stylish yet durable design
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Stable and heavy-duty

7. IBUYKE 56.3″ Cat Tree Tower Play Furniture Cat Condo


This IBUYKE cat tree tower comes in a multi-layer design and three colors. With this cat tree, you will never have to worry about your cat being bored, ever! It has 3 top perches platforms with raised edges all around the tower. These provide more fun and safety for your fur babies. It is guaranteed to be super sturdy and stable with solid construction and a well-balanced design. Super high-quality materials especially the sisal-covered posts! You can keep your cat entertained while having zero scratches or damages to the tower. It is shipped in a package that includes all the necessary parts and tools to assemble. Super convenient!


  • Easy and convenient to assemble
  • High-quality materials
  • Sturdy, stable, and scratch-proof

6. LBLA Multi-Level Cat Tree Tough Rattan Cat Tower

LBLA Multi-Level Cat Tree Tough Rattan Cat Tower

If towers and seats are not enough, this cat tower even offer branches! This LBLA rattan cat tower is a great option for those who are looking to entertain your fur babies. It provides the best surface and playing space for your cats that resemble the outdoors! It comes with three levels of platforms allowing your cats to practice their climbing and jumping skills. The superb quality sisal materials and rattan boards provide a durable and scratch-proof design. On top of that, it has a square base with a large enough cat nest. It is compatible with cats of all sizes! Comfortable, convenient, and sturdy!


  • Stable base with large nests
  • Great quality materials and constructions
  • High-compatibility and safety

5. FDW Cat Tree Tower Condo Play House

FDW Cat Tree Tower Condo Play House

Looking for a place space for your cat to spare your furniture from scratches? Consider this product! This FDW cat tree tower playhouse is a great combination of stability, quality, and fun. You can rest assured about wobbling and tipping. The ultra-soft plush material is also very feline-friendly and comfortable which makes it the perfect napping lounge for your cats. This tower can accommodate all kinds of plays and funs. From jumping around to napping to being a cozy home, this tower can offer it all. The best part about this product is that it can be installed in under 30 minutes!


  • Super easy to install and use
  • Versatile and compatible with all size cats
  • High-quality materials and construction

4. KORIMEFA Cat Tree Cat Tower

KORIMEFA Cat Tree Cat Tower

The cat tree cat tower by KORIMEFA is among the best cat trees for large cats in the market. One of the best things about this cat tower is super high-quality materials. It features faux fur and natural sisal ropes for your cats to scratch and sharpens freely! Less like a tower, but more like a castle with this one. It provides plenty of spacious platforms with raised edges for your cats to hide, play, and rest safely and freely. With a super sturdy base and balanced design, you no longer have to worry about your cats hurting themselves while playing. The size is great for any space and cat’s size while remaining super easy to install.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Balanced, sturdy, and safe
  • High-quality and durable materials

3. BYUP Large cat Tree, Double Plush Apartment

BYUP Large cat Tree, Double Plush Apartment

If you are interested in high-quality cat trees for your babies, this BYUP large cat tree should be on your list! It is made for you and your cat convenience! It provides your cats with a place to sleep, scratch, climb, and exercise, all at once! With the two-tiered viewing platforms and hammock, your cats will have a larger space for activities. It also features a reinforced bottom treatment as well as an anti-tilt device for added safety. No need to worry about ruining your interior aesthetics! This tower is designed very elegantly, and it comes in two different colors. On top of that, the tower is large enough for your bigger cats to play comfortably.


  • Stable base with extra safety features
  • Extra-large space for playing
  • Elegant design with high-quality materials

2. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower & Activity Tree

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower & Activity Tree

Worrying that your feline friends are too active or not active enough? This PetFusion ultimate cat climbing tower and activity tree is the solution for you. It comes in an interactive design to improve your cat’s wellness and an active lifestyle. This heavy-duty cat tree for large cats is great for climbing, perching, and stimulation for cats of all ages and sizes. It comes in a minimalist design that does not clutter your house while guaranteeing you great safety. It can be attached securely to the wall to ensure a stable and non-wobbling tower. All the necessary tools are included in the package, and you can assemble it in about 20mins. Super high-quality materials and construction.


  • Interactive design for greater activeness
  • Safety features
  • Easy to assemble

1. BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo

BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo

This BEWISHOME large cat tree condo is among the best cat trees in the market, and it is not hard to understand why. This cat tree condo is super roomy and spacious with 3 cushioned beds, 2 spacious houses, and other features. Hammock, jingly balls, climbing space, this cat tree condo has it all. On top of that, it is made to be super sturdy and stable enough for your bigger cats to pound, climb, and jump around without worries. It features a wall anchor strap for safety as well as a high-quality plush covering. Soft, comfortable, and scratch-free! What makes this even better is the super elegant design as well as fast assembly time. Everything you need for your feline friends is included!


  • Elegant and ergonomic design
  • High-quality materials with a lot of extra features
  • Spacious and versatile

To finish up, we understand how overwhelming it can be for you as a cat owner to buy a cat tree for your babies. With so many options available on the market, it is super stressful to try to find the best one. Hopefully, you will be able to make your decision easily after reading our article. Think of getting a high-quality cat tree as an investment for a safe space for your cat!

But what does the best cat tree for large cats look like? Let’s reiterate the features we discussed in our buying guide. A good cat tree should be easy to assemble while being safe, comfortable, and spacious enough for your babies to enjoy their activities. The design and materials should also be top-notch! We believe that we have found the one cat tree that ticks all our boxes. It is none other than the BEWISHOME large cat tree condo!

That being said, we would still recommend you to browse through all the items carefully and reflect back on your needs. Each one of the products on our list offers unique benefits and features, and we are confident that they will be satisfactory. Keep an open mind and Happy Shopping!