Top 8 Blackthorn Walking Stick 2020 Reviews

Are you looking for a walking stick for yourself or your elderly family members? A walking stick is a great tool to have to support your back and to lessen pressure on your muscles and bones. Especially for elderly people, walking sticks help them to move around easily and lessen their back and leg pain due to pressure alleviation with the stick.

As there are many types of blackthorn walking sticks available right now, this article will provide you with crucial features to look for in a good walking stick. It will also guide you through the reviews of the top 8 best products for your home.

Buying Guides of Blackthorn Walking Stick

While there are many materials being used to make a walking stick, one of the best is blackthorn. Blackthorn is a small and thorny tree that has very tough timber. Today, blackthorn walking sticks are famously known for their rich color, nice-looking texture, and incredible durability. It is a beautiful and natural walking stick to get for your elders. Whether you are looking for cold steel blackthorn walking stick review or stylish canes and walking sticks, there are TWO main things to consider when looking for a good walking stick for support:

Wood Quality: look for a real blackthorn wood to provide you with the appealing look yet great support to you or your elders with its tough timber. The thorns have to be well removed and coated with a protective coating to ensure long-lasting use.

Handles: another important consideration is the handle of the stick. You should look for a handle that is comfortable to hold or fit well in your palm to ensure your hand will not get blisters especially if you have to use it daily.

Height: Choosing the correct height or length of a walking stick is the most important point to consider when buying a walking stick. Using a walking stick at an incorrect height can lead to various spinal and back problems.

Now that you know the main features to consider when getting a good blackthorn walking stick, let us dig through the reviews of the 8 best ones in the market right now and all necessary information you need to make the right purchasing decision.

8. Ladies Blackthorn Derby 36″ Walking Cane

Ladies Blackthorn Derby 36

Ladies Blackthorn Derby walking canes are one of the famous walking canes in the market because of its beautiful look and durability. Derby Blackthorn walking canes are made out of genuine blackthorn with shiny easy to hold handles. This walking cane has a golden ring collar, with an attractive and ergonomic cane design. The cane comes in a standard length of 36 inches with a glossy protective coating.


  • 36” inch standard length
  • Beautiful rare blackthorn wood
  • Derby handle, glossy coating
  • Classy golden ring collar
  • Attractive and ergonomic cane design

7. Country Derby Cane on a Blackthorn Shaft

Country Derby Cane on a Blackthorn Shaft

This country derby walking stick gives off that rich European heritage vibe that is the perfect cane for your elders. This is the ideal country walking stick if you are looking for a simple design option yet strong and durable. The nicely curved derby handle ensures a comfortable, firm grip at all times to prevent slip. The shaft is made from the durable yet appealing blackthorn shoot with a rubber ferrule and brass collar to add a contrasting touch.


  • Rare Blackthorn, European heritage
  • Simple yet beautiful design
  • Strong and durable shaft
  • Nicely curved derby handle
  • Rubber ferrule and brass collar

6. Maasai Ebony Rungu Walking Stick

 Maasai Ebony Rungu Walking Stick

This is the simple yet strong one-piece walking stick from Maasai. This dark black walking stick features high-quality ebony that is very durable. This type of wood is used by the Traditional Tribal in Africa as a weapon, so that shows how durable and strong this is! It has a length of 21 inches with all-black color with a compact yet easy to hold handle. The strong base also prevents slip and trip with sturdy support for your back.


  • High-quality ebony
  • Durable wood type
  • 21 inches length
  • Made of ebony, black color
  • The strong base also prevents slip and trip

5. Harvy Unisex Knob Cane with Irish Blackthorn

Harvy Unisex Knob Cane with Irish Blackthorn

This spell-binding cane by HARVY features a natural Irish blackthorn shaft for strong and durable support. It has a polished look with natural bark finish that measures 20 inches long. The special curve knob handle provides comfortable support and non-slip protection. This blackthorn wood shaft also comes with a genuine leather strap. It is a genuine product imported directly from Germany.


  • Made of blackthorn wood
  • Size: 20 inches
  • Polished natural bark and genuine leather strap
  • Imported from Germany
  • Easy to hold the handle

4. Latchford’s Irish Walking Stick Genuine Blackthorn

 Latchford’s Irish Walking Stick Genuine Blackthorn

This model is a Blackthorn walking stick from Latchford. It is an extra-long and hard durable wood stick made in Ireland. It is made from blackthorn wood grown in the wilderness of Ireland. This type of wood is rare and has incredible strength. It has a higher length of 37 inches. It features a rubber ferrule on the base to prevent wear and slip. It also has a Hazel Shaft for sustainability and strength.


  • Durable wood is grown in the wild
  • 36-37 inches length
  • Made in Ireland
  • Features a rubber ferrule on the base to prevent wear.
  • Hazel Shaft for sustainability and strength

3. Irish Walking Stick – Blackthorn Walking Cane (37 inches)

 Irish Walking Stick - Blackthorn Walking Cane (37 inches)

This is a specially hand-crafted walking cane that is also made in Ireland from a one-piece Natural Blackthorn Wood. It comes in a selectable length of 35, 36, 37 inches. The handles are very comfortable to hold for a long duration and will not make your sweat. You can conveniently choose between a standard handle (rounded knob for palm grip) or a pistol grip (with longer handle). It has a 3/4″ diameter at the base for the great support.


  • Hand-Crafted Walking Cane made in Ireland
  • One-piece Natural Blackthorn Wood.
  • Selectable length: 35, 36, or 37 inches.
  • Available in standard (rounded knob for palm grip) or pistol grip (longer handle).
  • 3/4″ diameter at the base for the great support

2. Blackthorn Shillelagh Walking Stick

Blackthorn Shillelagh Walking Stick

This model is an even longer Irish walking stick with 39” tall in length. It has a Blackthorn handle with a hazelwood stick making it sturdy yet lightweight. It has a lacquered finish for protective coating. The curved handle makes the stick easy to grip. It is equipped with rubber on the bottom to ensure a sturdy stand and non-slip. Its extra-long length makes it an ideal stick for taller elderly people. This walking stick is made in Dublin, Ireland.


  • 39” length, lightweight
  • Blackthorn handle with a hazelwood staff
  • Lacquered finish, protective coating
  • The curved handle, easy to grip
  • Rubber bottom, anti-slip
  • Made in Ireland

1. Amber Palm Grip Blackthorn Cane

Amber Palm Grip Blackthorn Cane

This is a right hand walking cane from For myself Store. This classic vintage walking stick features an ergonomically designed Amber acrylic Palm Grip handle. This specially curved handle comfortably fits the contours of your right palm. The Blackthorn shaft has a natural texture you can tailor to fit a specific height need. It has a golden collar for extra beautifying touch. This walking cane allows for even weight distribution to help ease the pressure on your back, hand, and wrist.


  • Classic vintage look
  • Ergonomic Amber acrylic Palm Grip handle
  • Comfortable fit on the right hand
  • Tailor to specific height need
  • golden collar ring
  • Even weight distribution


And these are all the reviews and advantages of the 8 best blackthorn walking sticks available right now. After reading this article, we hope you are ready to go look for the best walking stick for yourself or your elderly people. As the main features to look for, remember to consider the quality of the wood, the easy handle, and the perfect height to get the right walking stick. Happy shopping!