Top 10 Best Women Golf Clubs 2020 Reviews

What are Women Golf Clubs?

If you have been golfing or want to start golfing, you would know that it is an addicting sport. It is pretty relaxed yet it is very enjoyable for both the games and the conversation with other players. Golfing doesn’t require a lot of training or experience to play a good round. All you need is proper equipment including a good golf club.

Golf clubs have different features between men’s and women’s golf clubs. To cater to differences in size and strength, women’s golf clubs are made differently to fit women’s needs for a good golfing game. If you’re looking for the right golf clubs, you have to pick the right size and weight for you. To help you choose the right golf club, this article will provide you with the reviews and highlights of the 10 best women golf clubs alongside an easy to understand buying guide for your convenience.

Why Should You Get The Best Women Golf Clubs?

Due to the difference in strength and size between women and men, women’s golf clubs are purposefully designed differently than male golf clubs. Because women’s golf clubs provide the golfing benefits that cater to women, they are becoming popular sports equipment for women professionals and golf players because they help enhance their golfing capability.

The special design variation for women will help generate higher launch, less spin, straighter golf shots with slower swing speeds from women players. These supports help women to enhance their golfing game and make it more enjoyable and fun while saving their energy for longer golfing without feeling tired.

Best Women Golf Clubs Buying Guide

With so many brands of golf clubs available, especially the ones for women, finding the right ones for yourself can be difficult. Picking the right golf clubs, you have to consider the material, the size, and club design, and many other features, however, this buying guide will provide you with a short brief of what important features to look for.

How To Pick The Right One?

To ensure you are getting the best clubs for women, you have to keep in mind three main important factors:

Shaft: As averagely, women do not have the same swing speed or strength as the men, it is important to look for golf clubs that are lightweight. Graphite is the most recommended material for lightweight golf clubs. Remember that if you think you can swing a heavier golf club without impacting your performance, then a heavier steel shaft is also an option.

Grip: It is recommended to look for a standard grip to fit longer fingers and to be more comfortable for you to hold. Grips are usually unisex. You just need to look for grips that are attached to the butt end of the golf shaft with more space above the grip so you have something to hold onto when swinging the golf club. This design and grip texture prevents your golf club from slipping and flying out of your hands.

Length: the length of your club has to be suitable for your height and size. You also have to factor in your arms’ strength and arm’s length to help you maximize the power of your swing and control of the ball. If you are smaller, use a small women’s size length, but if you are tall, the length of the men’s golf club will still work wonders.

Now that you know the three important factors of a good women’s golf club, let’s take a look at the reviews and highlights of the 10 best women’s golf clubs available right now.

10. LAZRUS Premium Sand Wedge Anti Duff Thick Sole Loft Wedge Golf Club

LAZRUS Premium Sand Wedge Anti Duff Thick Sole Loft Wedge Golf Club

This premium sand wedge golf club from LAZRUS is one of the famous women’s golf clubs! This 65-degree loft sand wedge is a custom-designed golf wedge for women to cater to your needs. It is a right-handed golf club with a milled face. This club is suitable for all skill level users, so no need to worry about learning how to use this. This golf club is made to withstand your everyday use and practice with an anti tuff thick sole wedge. The milled features allow for great spin, control, and consistency from any plot in the golf field.


  • Right-handed with a milled face
  • Thick sole wedge
  • Great spin and control
  • Durable material
  • Suitable for all skill levels

9. Aspire X1 Ladies Women’s Complete Golf Club Set

Aspire X1 Ladies Women’s Complete Golf Club Set

This gorgeous set of ladies golf clubs is the ideal club set for women! You can enjoy this useful club set with matching golf bags & headcovers specially crafted for women. Besides the beautiful look and design, it is also very durable and easy to use. Using lightweight materials, these clubs are easier to play with. The graphite shafts were built specifically for speed with less strength required. The shafts in this golf club set are crafted to fit most women’s height and come in two sizes which are Standard & Petite.


  • Gorgeous design
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Durable graphite shaft
  • Complete golf set
  • Standard and petite size for women

8. TaylorMade Golf M6 Women’s Rescue Hybrid Club

TaylorMade Golf M6 Women's Rescue Hybrid Club

If you are looking for a hybrid club for women, this one is an ideal choice for you. Hybrid for straighter and longer hits, this club is engineered to reduce side spin and deliver straighter shots. It is made of steel-body construction that makes it thin and fast for improved ball speed and overall distance. The design is fancy with spotted designs on the golf surface. It also has a new TPU slot insert and a larger COR area for better off-center performance, especially on low-face strikes. Enjoy the M6 Women Hybrid Club from TaylorMade!


  • Hybrid design, reduce side spin
  • Straighter and longer hit area
  • Steel-body construction
  • Thin and fast movement
  • Better off-center performance

7. Cobra Women’s Women’s F-Max Superlite Hybrids

Cobra Women's Women's F-Max Superlite Hybrids

If you are looking for a lightweight hybrid club for women, then Cobra Women FMAX Superlite is the right choice for you. With a weight of the only 19gram, it is a comparatively lightweight golf club which makes it very suitable for women, especially beginners. It is made of forged 455 stainless steel with a shallow face design for dynamic launch and faster ball speeds. Equipped with heel weighting, it gives users an ultra-powerful higher launch and straighter ball flights. It has a crown alignment feature to provides a visually pleasing detail with it being distracting to the eye along with an offset design for your greater play!


  • Forged 455 stainless steel face
  • Shallow face design, faster speed
  • Lightweight, 19 grams
  • Crown alignment
  • Offset design

6. Cobra Golf Women’s Airspeed Complete Set

Cobra Golf Women's Airspeed Complete Set

This is the airspeed complete set from Cobra Golf that caters to female golfers! This golf set features all-new carbon crowns to ensure the best combination of speed and forgiveness in a lightweight design. It also features a heel biased weighting for reliable distance and accuracy.

This design also makes longer approach shots easier and more accurate than normal design.
With low profile irons material, this club can launch high and straight. Along with a premium mallet putter feature, you can get an exceptional feel and control on long and short putts.


  • New carbon browns
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable distance and accuracy
  • Low profile irons
  • Premium mallet putter

5. Wilson Golf- Ladies Allure Platinum Complete Set with Cart Bag

Wilson Golf- Ladies Allure Platinum Complete Set with Cart Bag

Being one of the best golf clubs for women, Wilson Golf Platinum Complete Set is an ideal choice for both starters and skilled golfers. This high-quality golf club gives you the ability to achieve distance-yielding with ease. It does not require a lot of strength to yield with a durable and responsive graphite club shaft. It is also lightweight so you will not feel tired even after all-day play. It is a result of high-performance technology and stylish equipment combined together, It comes with a premium upgrade cart bag.


  • Lightweight, durable
  • Flex Graphite Shafts
  • 460cc Driver with a large sweet spot
  • Easy-align putter
  • Cart bag with 5 pockets, carry strap

4. Wilson Golf Profile Platinum Package Set

Wilson Golf Profile Platinum Package Set

Large sweet spot women’s high lofted Driver features super game improvement technology to get the most from your game Performance technology and lightweight components are combined to deliver tremendous distance off the town. Easy to hit hybrid with tip reinforced graphite shaft creates a large sweet spot for improved distance. Engineered for maximum control, these lower center of gravity heads improve launch trajectory and produce greater distance. Profile Platinum technology positions mass low and back – precision-engineered for longer, straighter shots. The thin, hot iron face is perimeter weighted to create a large sweet spot for better shots every time, even on off-center hits. Premium Cart Bag with numerous pockets, double padded shoulder strap, and easy lifting handles


  • Large sweet spot
  • Improvement technology
  • Lightweight components
  • Platinum technology
  • Double padded shoulder

3. MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge

MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge

This is ideal for pitching and launching a golf club from Mazel. Featuring a heavier club head and a lower center of gravity make it easy to get the ball up on air with a powerful launch. This Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge from MAZEL is equipped with wide soles to make sand shots easier and swinging quicker and stronger. No need to worry about slipping and lose swing with a high-performance rubber grip. This is even great for shock absorption and better swing control. With this golf club, your pitching game is gonna impress your golfer friends.


  • Heavier club head
  • Easy to launch and swing
  • High-performance rubber grip
  • Anti-slip
  • Better control for ball speed

2. Precise AMG Ladies Women’s Complete Golf Clubs

Precise AMG Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs

Get this Precise AMG full set of clubs right out of the box with joy! Suitable for every woman, this complete golf club set provides you with maximum forgiveness on the woods and irons. This golf club enhances your swing for straighter shots on the course. Enjoy this matching deluxe dual-strap golf bag and headcovers! Enjoy golfing even in the rain with an anti-corrosion club and rain hood. It comes in both standard and petite sizes to fit most women.


  • Full set of clubs
  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Woods and irons material
  • Suitable sizes for women
  • Matching Deluxe Dual-Strap Golf Bag

1. AGXGOLF XS Golf Club Set

AGXGOLF XS Golf Club Set

If you are looking for a golf club with a large face profile, then this model is right for you. Ranking among the top of AGX golf club reviews, and XS golf club set is one of the best club sets available for women. It features an oversized 460cc forged 7075 head with the maximum sweet spot. This ensures accurate swing, hit, and long distance precision. It is made of 431 Grade Stainless Steel and Cavity back. It has maximum forgiveness and accuracy with wide soles. It features an advanced Alignment System that helps you keep the Putter head on line for more accurate Putts.


  • Large face profile
  • Oversized forged 7075 head
  • Stainless steel and cavity back
  • Maximum forgiveness
  • High accuracy


And these are all the reviews and highlights of the best women’s golf clubs available for you right now. After reading all of these reviews, it is fair to say the essential elements of a good women’s golf club are the shaft, the grip, and the size of the golf.

Make sure your golf clubs are lightweight. To ensure that you need to look for a lighter shaft that ensures its lightweight but also maintains high performance. Graphite is the most recommended material for this. They are lighter than steel yet provide great performance for hit and launch.

Either standard or women’s size, look for a grip that fits well with your long fingers and that is more comfortable for you to hold. Grips are usually unisex so just make sure you pick the one you feel is the easiest to hold, swing, and make sure it will not easily slip from your hand. You have to look for extra space design above the grip for holding and a non-slip texture on the grip itself to prevent sweaty palms and accidental flip of the hand.

As for the length, think about your height and your arm length. Make sure it is comfortable for you to swing. Swing test and see if the club is at the right length without you have to bend too low or too high. This will ensure a great swing with accuracy.

Now that you know all the three important factors of a good women’s golf club, we believe you are ready to go and get the one that best fits your preferences. Enjoy golfing and happy shopping.