Top 8 Best Stethoscope For Nurses 2020 Reviews

There is no doubt that a stethoscope is one of the most critical tools in a nurse’s toolkit. The stethoscope is one of the most regularly used medical instruments used by nurses in the hospital setting and due to this fact, it is critical the stethoscope a nurse is using is a high-quality and reliable one. All experienced nurses know that it is important that the stethoscope being used can provide accurate readings. It is also the case that low-quality stethoscopes are often uncomfortable to the user’s ears. This is another reason that all nurses should invest in a high-quality stethoscope. With this in mind, these are the Best Stethoscope For Nurses.

8. EMI Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

EMI Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope:

This outstanding stethoscope and lapel watch set is a favorite among nurses and other professionals in the medical industry due to its comfort of use and quality of manufacture.


  • 28mm Face
  • 40mm in width
  • 85mm in length
  • Easy to read
  • Durable tubing of a latex-free nature
  • Chrome plate chest piece
  • Complete accessories pouch

7. Yuwell Classic A Type Copper Stethoscope

Yuwell Classic A Type Copper Stethoscope:

The Yuwell is an ideal product for healthcare workers from students and nurses all the way up to doctors. This outstanding product also has the benefit of being approved by the Federal Drug Administration.


  • Offers clear, precise sound
  • Quality PVC tube -Flathead style stethoscope
  • Works well on low frequency
  • Quality bass head
  • Response curve of 100 to 500Hz

6. Purple Awareness Nurses Kit

Purple Awareness Nurses Kit:

This outstanding product comes from BV Medical and includes a number of other important nurses toolkit items, along with the stethoscope.


  • Black Gem scope
  • High-intensity Otoscope
  • Penlight
  • Babinski Hammer
  • Bandage scissors
  • Fiberglass tape measure

5. ASATechmed Nurse/EMT Starter Pack

ASATechmed Nurse/EMT Starter Pack:

A high-quality stethoscope come are a part of this outstanding offering from ASATechmed. An amazing buy for nurses as well as medical students and EMT’s among others.


  • Paramed manual bp cuff that comes with movement of a pin stop nature
  • Portable and lightweight kit
  • Easy to use sphygmomanometer is included in this great kit
  • Excellent accuracy

4. Canboc Stethoscope Carrying Case for 3M Stethoscope

Canboc Stethoscope Carrying Case for 3M Stethoscope:

This outstanding product comes in high on the list due to its quality and the fact that it includes some of the most critical components necessary for a nurse’s toolkit. Along with the high-quality Cardiology IV Stethoscope, this product also includes a percussion reflex hammer, LED Penlight and a pulse oximeter. A great deal for nurses that demand top-range equipment.


  • Wrist Strap with wrist bands included
  • Shockproof soft lining
  • Travel bag fits most stethoscopes
  • Case composed of a durable EVA material

3. Zaracle Carry Case Protect Pouch Sleeve For 3M Stethoscope

Zaracle Carry Case Protect Pouch Sleeve For 3M Stethoscope:

This product includes a hard storage sleeve that is perfectly designed to store a Littmann Classic Stethoscope. The case is composed of hard EVA and has a carrying strap for added convenience. A must addition in any nurses kit bag.


  • Composed of superior raw material
  • Designed for convenience with a built-in pouch on the inside of the product
  • Hand strap makes for ease in carrying this product

2. StatGear Stethoscope Tape Holder

StatGear Stethoscope Tape Holder:

It is the perfect addition to the kit bag of any nurse, paramedic, medical student or any other provider in the health care industry. It is notable for being easy to use and comes in multiple colors as well.


  • Tape holder along with a dispenser
  • Available in blue, green, purple, red, pink or black
  • Notable for its ease of use

1. Vive Precision Stethoscope

Vive Precision Stethoscope:

Nurses will be able to listen with outstanding levels of clarity with this outstanding stethoscope from Vive. The product is notable for the remarkable clarity it provides as well as being comfortable and lightweight. The headset on this outstanding product is soft silicone tipped which provides an outstanding acoustic seal as well as a comfortable wearing experience. This product represents the high standards that those in the nursing field deserve and demand. It is the ideal product for adding to any nurse’s kit bag.


  • Notable for its high-level of performance
  • Dual-head chest piece that is of a high acoustic nature
  • Manufactured for durability
  • Comfortable fit
  • Contains flexible tubing composed of PVC