Top 8 Best Shoes for Male Nurses 2020 Reviews

Nursing is a demanding profession that requires you to be at work for extended hours almost daily. If you are a nurse, comfortable and safe shoes come in handy in the proper performance of your duties as well as your safety at your workplace. You need a pair of shoes that you can wear all day without feeling leg strains or putting you at risk of accidental slips. Waterproof shoes are a plus.

8. Laforst Men’s Eamon

Laforst Men's Eamon

Laforst Men’s Eamon is a lightweight pair of men’s shoes that are very comfortable to walk around with. They are made of PU leather material which makes them look like new despite wearing them for a long period. It has an outstanding memory foam insole for extra feet comfort.

The sole of this pair of shoes is of rubber plus EVA material for high slip resistance. The leather in the upper parts of the shoes resists abrasion and prevents water from entering the shoes. For added comfort, the shoes are just a little bit high, with a platform height of around 0.5 inches.


  • 0.5 platform size
  • Rubber outsole
  • Memory foam insole
  • PU leather upper parts

7. DDTX Men’s Slip-On

DDTX Men's Slip-On

DDTX Men’s Slip-On is an easy-to-wear pair of shoes that you can wear in diverse work environments including health settings. The upper area of the shoes are of nano PU leather material which is spill/water resistant. The insoles are removable and feature an open foam soft cushioning which offers excellent and comfort to your foot.

For extra comfort, DDTX Men’s has a textile lining with breathable mesh which allows proper air circulation. The EVA plus rubber soles offer good traction to save you from otherwise accidental slips and possibly falls later.


  • Nano PU leather exterior upper
  • Insoles with open foam soft cushioning
  • Textile lining with breathable mesh

6. Jili Online Shoes

Jili Online shoes

Jili Online shoes are designed in such a way that you’ll be comfortable in them throughout the day as you attend perform your demanding job, including taking care of patients. They are made of plastic material, hence water resistant. Their high back design secures your heel while the soft insole minimizes fatigue in your legs and feet.

Jili Online shoes are suitable for both males and females. They are lightweight and have anti-slip outsoles for safe walking. The shoes are not only resistant to water but also to bacteria and fungus.


  • Plastic construction
  • Anti-slip outsoles
  • High back design

5. Nanxson TM Unisex

Nanxson TM Unisex

Nanxson TM shoes are made of ethylene vinyl acetate hence waterproof and resistant to water, acid or alkali spills. They have breathable holes at the toe areas and this makes the shoes very comfortable to wear during the hot summer weather as they allow proper air circulation.

The synthetic outsoles of the shoes are waterproof and resist slips for your safety at your workplace. The shoes are likely to have a mild smell initially but that shouldn’t worry you as it will disappear with time. They have a classic design which goes well with any adult, whether a male or a female.


  • Synthetic, anti-slip outsoles
  • Ethylene vinyl acetate construction
  • Breathable toe area

4. EASTSURE Unisex Shoes

EASTSURE unisex shoes

EASTSURE have a PVC construction which makes them lightweight and soft thus comfortable to walk in for an extended period. These slip-on shoes are easy to wear. Cleaning of the shoes is quite easy using water while their drying up is simply a matter of a few minutes just like any other PVC item.

These shoes feature an all-in-one-shaped design which prevents the penetration of fluids such as water and oil. The PVC construction of the shoes withstands moisture, corrosives, fats and oils. The shoes have the high slip-resistance as required by healthcare and hospitality industries, among other fields.


  • Easy-to -clean PVC material
  • High slip resistance
  • Waterproof

3. Nurse Mates Mens

Nurse Mates Mens

Just as their names suggest, Nurse Mates Mens are designed for men who are in the nursing profession. They have a full-grain leather upper that is not only durable but also resistant to stains. Featuring a stylish profile and sporty lines, these shoes look alluringly masculine for a professional who likes keeping in tabs with trendy footwear and outfits.

The sturdy construction with dual side goring Nurse Mates Mens is able to withstand even the toughest work shift conditions and keep your feet and legs comfortable all day long. Talking of comfort, the shoes are only slightly high, with one-inch heel height.


  • One-inch heel height
  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Stylish, professional profile

2. LaforstMens Stan

LaforstMens Stan

LaforstMens Stan is a pair of shoes designed to offer a modern male nurse all-day comfort. It has a long-lasting and breathable leather upper. When it comes to its interior, your feet will rest on ultra-comfortable insoles with memory foam cushion.

The interiors are also covered with a fabric lining for added comfort. Weighing just 1.25 pounds, the shoe pair is lightweight and so your legs will rarely feel tired or fatigued even if you have them on throughout the day. The outsoles of these shoes have been tested and confirmed to have high slip-resistance on oily and wet surfaces, among other slippery conditions.


  • Highly slip-resistance outsoles
  • Memory foam insoles
  • Lightweight (1.25 pounds)

1. K-Swiss Men’s ST329

K-Swiss Men's ST329

This staple sneaker by K-Swiss was initially designed for tennis training, but nowadays it has become favorite footwear to people in various demanding careers including nursing. With a rubber outsole, leather upper and strong tread, the shoes are designed and made to last long.

The maker of these shoes made them with the comfort of your feet and legs in mind, that’s why they have absorbing heels, memory foam footbeds and k-EVA cushioned midsoles. The rubber outsole has high-slip resistance, protecting you from accidental slips and falls while at work.


  • Shock absorbing heels
  • Memory foam footbed
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsoles