Top 8 Best RV Sewer Hoses 2019 Reviews

Sewer hoses for your RV are a very important part of managing your vehicle, keeping it clean, and evacuating safely. These hoses much be designed to help you save money, and they should be easy to fold like the hose on a fire engine. These hoses are designed to fit all the outlets on standard RVs, but you must choose the one that you believe will be the easiest to use. Take a look at your options when buying online.

8. Camco 20 Foot Super Kit

Camco 20 Foot Super Kit

The 20 foot Super Kit is the best way to be prepared when you get to a campsite. You need all the extra length so you can reach the sewer nozzle without any accidents. It is one of the best RV sewer hoses for that reason alone. The Camco 20 foot Super Kit is designed so that you can save money, extend to a far off outlet, and clean it up in seconds. This special kit has come with with the latches that hold onto both ends perfectly, and the rubber hose is make with special notches that allow you to close it up or extend into the accordion style.

7. Camco 10 Foot Hose Kit With Bayonet Funnel

Camco 10 Foot Hose Kit With Bayonet Funnel

The Camco 10 Foot Hose Kit has a bayonet funnel at the end of the line, and it will help stop the clogs that might have in your system. The hose itself could be extended like an accordion hose, and it can be pushed together and folded back into its suit. The Camco kit has a special funnel at the end, and it comes with a hose that folds up tight. It also has extra pieces so you can get a tight fit on any nozzle.

6. Thetford Titan 15 Foot Hose Kit

Thetford Titan 15 Foot Hose Kit

You can stop clogs by shifting this tube about, and you will find that the Thetford has good reviews online that show that it has helped many people evacuate the sewage system on their vehicle.
The Thetford Titan is a 15 foot hose kit that you would use if you were hooking up at a campground with your RV, and you must be sure that you have chosen this kit because it comes with extra nozzles and fittings that will be helpful to you.

5. Camco RhinoExtreme Hose Kit

Camco RhinoExtreme Hose Kit

The Camco RhinoExtreme Hose Kit is very simple for people to use because it has one long hose, the fittings for any nozzle, and a special design that will allow you to funnel items at the point of disposal. The hoses are made from a color that is easy to identify. The hoses can be folded up easily for storage in or under the RV, and the fittings alone make it one of the best RV sewer hoses. You also get a case to carry the hose, and it has the accordion body that tightens up well.

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4. Camco RhinoFlex Three Foot

Camco RhinoFlex Three Foot

The Camco RhinoFlex is a short hose that you could use to extend your hose selection or connect to something that is very close. There are many people who might buy these hoses for extras, and they will discover that the fittings will match any other hose that they would like to buy. This is important if you have had trouble connecting to fittings in the past, and you can use the special new fittings for any situation. The three foot hoses folds up nicely in the accordion style, and can fit anywhere in your RV.

3. Camco Flex Wye Fitting

Camco Flex Wye Fitting

The Camco Flex WYE Fitting is a 360 degree device that you can turn anywhere you want, and it will help you connect more than one hose to the same line so that you can evacuate multiple systems. This is a very nice thing to buy when you know that you have more than one RV to deal with, and you can connect any fitting that you want to this device. The WYE fitting that you have been looking for will help you open and close the values for flow, and you will get a tight seal in all situations. The switch closes the valves easily, and the clear plastic helps you check for clogs.

2. Camco 20 Foot Sidewinder Kit

Camco 20 Foot Sidewinder Kit

The Sidewinder is a kit that you can use at any time, and it will fold up so that you can keep the hose in a safe place without getting any kinks in it. There are a lot of people who are afraid of how they might break or kink the hose when they store it, so they should use the sidewinder kit to make it easy to tuck away the kit and have the hose ready when it needs to be used again. The folding kit, carrying case, and extra connectors make this hose easier to use and store.

1. Camco RhinoFlex 15 Foot Swivel Kit

Camco RhinoFlex 15 Foot Swivel Kit

The swivel kit allows you to move the hose fitting around so that you can get the right fit. There are many reasons to buy this kit, but the most obvious is that you will be able to use this kit in any situation. You might have found that the hose does not fit well because the outlet has been put in places that are hard to reach, and you can use the swivel kit to get ready. This particular kit comes with all the components in a case, and you can fold up the accordion hose or extend to 15 feet. The kit has the accordion style hose, the connection you need for the port, and extra washers to keep everything leak free.

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