Top 8 Best Ping Pong Paddles 2019 Reviews

Choosing a high quality ping pong paddle is a large part of how you improve your game play, keep extra around for doubles, and enjoy playing in your recreational leagues. People who learn to play this game in the right way need a paddle that will work in all situations, and they need to try all those seen below until they find the one that they think will work best. Consider your style of play and how serious you are before making a purchase.

8. Killerspin Jet Black Racket

Killerspin Jet Black Racket

The racket comes clean easily, and it is very easy to turn around and use on both sides because it was made consistently from front to back. Use this racket for the consistent strokes and the ease with which you can track your own play. The Killerspin Jet Black racket comes with its own carrying bag and a five-layer wood frame that is very strong. You get more bounce off this paddle, and you can even track your strokes because you can see them on the racket.

7. Ping Pong Killer JT-700


This yellow paddle is one of the brightest in the industry, and it is a wonderful way for you to get started playing when you need more power and control over your strokes. The wood has been layered perfectly to make one of the thickest rackets on the market, and you will find that you could use this paddle when you have finally learned to hit the ball as hard as the professionals.

6. MAPOL Two Paddle Set

MAPOL Two Paddle Set

The MAPOL two paddle set is perfect for you to play with an opposing player and just one set that you carried in its own bag. The paddle set was designed to make it easier for you to see which paddle is which by coloring them red and black. Also, this paddle set was created with the heavy wood that has been layered only a couple time to make it much lighter. You get a quicker stroked out of this paddle when playing a fast game.

5. Killerspin Blue Vanilla

Killerspin Blue Vanilla

The Killerspin Blue Vanilla is a very interesting paddle because it was colored blue to denote that it is a slightly thinner version of other paddles. This paddle has a little more of a shape to it so that you can hit in different areas for effect, but the handle is still wrapped perfectly to make it easier to carry. The Blue Vanilla stands out, and it is the one that will let people know you are serious.

4. JP Winlook Four Pack

JP Winlook Four Pack

You will notice that the paddle feels light in your handle, and it works very well in the rec center where you want to have equipment out that everyone can use. You should always have extra paddles around in case people want to play, and you need to be sure that you have cleaned up each one after your games so that they are ready for the next match. The JP Winlook Four Pack is a set of two red and two black paddles that you can use in doubles games or leave lying around so that people can use them when they would like. The players who are invested in the game should buy this four pack to carry with them because it has its own bag. Plus, the players get a much heavier paddle that will be much more fun for them to use.

3. The STIGA Evolution

The STIGA Evolution

The STIGA Evolution is more than just a ping pong paddle. This paddle is one of the best ping pong paddles because it was made with a core that is very heavy and outer paddle faces that are much lighter.
You get the quick response of the paddle from these thin sheets of wood, but the wood core in the center is so strong that you can use the paddle to strike the ball very hard. You get the best of both worlds with this paddle, and it comes with its own carrying case.

2. The Table Tennis Dual Set

The Table Tennis Dual Set

Doubles table tennis can be a lot of fun, but you need some of the best ping pong paddles when you are playing. These paddles are perfect who like to play double because they are made as a set of two red and two black. You are given a paddle that is very simple in design, and they are all made in the same way so that the play is fair. Layered wood and a soft handle will help you have the best playing experience. The dual set has soft handles, a carrying bag, and a finish that will not fade.

1. STIGA Pro Evolution

STIGA Pro Evolution

You get a carrying case for this ping pong paddle, and you could stuff more than one inside when you are planning to play doubles or invite opponents. The STIGA Pro Evolution is the best of the ping pong paddles on the market because of how it was made with the best carbon fibers. These carbon paddle parts are so strong that they never wear down, and the player will feel the difference when they hit the ball. The paddle does not respond to the ball like it would with a normal wood frame, and the heavy interior means that you can strike through the ball with no trouble.

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