Top 10 Best Hot Rollers For Long Hair 2020 Reviews

For all our pretty ladies out there, hair and hairstyles are the keys to achieving their perfect looks. One of the most popular hairstyles is curly or wavy hair. It comes as no surprise to us how much more modern hairstyling has evolved from the last 50 years. No more hideous-looking tools, and troublesome methods to achieve the perfect curls. Especially, for our ladies with long hair, it can be quite difficult to achieve a flawless result every time.

But what are hot rollers? These are a bit different from your typical curling iron wand, or the rollers our moms used back in the days. Modern hot rollers are more convenient, simple to use, and guaranteed to bring you the most luscious curls. However, there are so many types, brands, and models of hot rollers available on the market. To help you make your decision we have compiled a list of the top 10 best hot rollers for long hair in the market. Before we go straight to the product reviews, let’s explore all the factors you need to keep in mind when it comes to buying the best hot curlers or rollers:

Hair Type and Length: The first factor you need to consider is your hair. You should keep in mind that different hair types and hair lengths require different hot rollers! Especially, for those with thick and long hair, you need to use more rollers, and the rollers need to be super high-performance. Otherwise, the curls will not stay for long, and you will end up with a messy hairstyle. If you have thin and weak hair, we would recommend you to use a ceramic roller to protect your hair from excessive heat. If you have some styles in mind you want to try with your hair, you should keep that in mind as well.

Material: Just like any other product, the hot rollers need to be made from high-quality materials. The hot rollers you are planning to buy must be made from ceramics and titanium materials. These are super great for perfectly even heat distribution. An alternative to the ceramics and titanium materials would be ionic technology. This one also works great by providing enough heat as well as protect your hair from damaging too much.

Performance: Lastly, for a hot roller to be the best, it needs to bring you the best result every time! We are sure that no one wants to spend money on a product that is only great in the first month. Like we mentioned previously, the hairstyles you have in mind are also important. To bring the best result, the size of the rollers should be compatible with the curls you want, i.e. a tight curls, or bigger waves. Another thing is for your rollers to be heated up quickly with no inconveniences such as smell, and such.

10. John Frieda’s Body & Shine Smooth Waves

John Frieda's Body & Shine Smooth Waves

At the bottom of our list, we have the John Frieda’s Body & Shine jumbo rollers. These lavender-colored hot rollers are 2-inch in diameter and come in a total of 8 rollers. The product uses advanced ionic conditioning and its rollers are made of titanium ceramic flocked materials. It heats up in a couple of minutes, allowing its users to quickly start styling their hair. Each roller includes hair clips to attach and remove your hair with ease when styling. No entanglement. No hassle! There are also two other variations of the product that can be found on the same page.


  • An 8-rollers pack
  • Ionic conditioning
  • Heats up quickly with no hassle

9. Infiniti Pro by Conair

Infiniti Pro by Conair

Ranked 9th on our list is the INFINITI PRO hot rollers set by the brand CONAIR. These hot rollers come in three diameter sizes. The sizes include six ¾ inch small rollers, six 1-inch medium rollers, and eight 1 ¼ inch large rollers, bringing the total count to 20 hot rollers. Because of the varying diameter sizes, users can create several unique hairstyles from small curls to bouncy curls. Infiniti Pro has 12 temperature settings and has a retractable cord. These hot rollers are great for stylists on the go, as it heats up in less than two minutes. You will be able to achieve a frizz-free curl result every time with its ceramic technology and dual ionic port system.


  • 3-sizes hot rollers set
  • Versatile and convenient
  • Perfect end-result every time

8. BaBylissPRO’s Nano Titanium Roller Hairsetter

BaBylissPRO's Nano Titanium Roller Hairsetter

These 20-count hot rollers come in three diameter sizes. These sizes include six small ¾ inch rollers, six medium 1-inch rollers, and eight large 1 ¼ inch rollers and also comes with butterfly clips for each roller. For those who like to stay organized, the kit also includes 20 color-coded metal clips and a box for easy storage. Its technology uses Nano-titanium with far-infrared heat to evenly distribute the heat when styling. These hot rollers are great for stylists who like to keep things organized and neat. Natural, bouncy, and shiny curls and waves in a blink of an eye!


  • 20 rollers set with a box
  • Nao-titanium technology for even heat distribution
  • Quick, convenient, and easy to use

7. Instant Heat Travel Rollers by Conair

Instant Heat Travel Rollers by Conair

Next on our list is the instant heat travel rollers by the brand Conair. These traveling hot rollers include five-jumbo-sized 1 1/2 inch rollers with hair clips. As the name indicates, it’s great for traveling with its dual voltage capability. It has a flocked velvet surface with stay-cool end rings for your convenience while using. The ability to heat in dual voltage allows a stylist to take these rollers with them anywhere in the world. Cord length is measured at five feet, giving its users enough cord to maneuver. Because of its compact design, these hot rollers are great for world-travelers.


  • Compact design with a case
  • Heat up evenly and quickly
  • Easy to use

6. Remington’s Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter

Remington's Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter

These built-in color-coded hot rollers come in a set of 20 rollers. Three sizes are included ¾ inch, 1-inch, and 1 ¼ inch hot rollers. These rollers also include “exclusive J-clips” that are specially designed to alleviate creases during styling. A perfect and flawless finish every time! The unit is equipped with an indicator, letting its users know that the rollers are heated to its optimal temperature. Its rollers contain a thermal wax core, giving it longer heat retention. This allows stylists extra time to set the hair. These rollers are great for stylists who like to stay organized.


  • Thermal wax core for better heat retention
  • Less frizz with more shine
  • High-quality and high-performance

5. Compact Multi-Size Hot Rollers By Conair

Compact Multi-Size Hot Rollers By Conair

Yet again, another set of multi-size hot rollers by Conair. Conair has released yet another set of hot rollers. These teal blue colored rollers come in small, medium, and large size diameters, eight 1/2 inch, six ¾ inch, and six 1-inch sizes respectively. The metal hair clips that are included are color-coded and are made of stainless steel. The unit has a built-in red indicator, lighting up when the rollers are ready to be used. These rollers are great for those who like the no-nonsense approach and are looking for budget-friendly hot rollers. These are also great for those just starting to use hot rollers. These rollers come in two different color sets: blue and coral.


  • Compact, portable, and easy to use
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Comes with a complete set

4. Conair Instant Heat Compact Hot Rollers

Here we have the Conair Instant Heat Compact Hot Rollers as the best hot curlers for long hair. This product is shipped with a compact setter soft fabric pouch that is perfect for storage and traveling. Just like its previous models, it features ceramic technology for a more even heat retention and a faster heat up. All you need to do is to roll your hair firmly and secure it with a clip. Leave it longer than usual if you want longer-lasting curls. With each purchase, you will receive a package of 8 large 1-inch rollers and 4 medium-sized rollers. Perfect for any occasion!


  • Fast heat up with even heat distribution
  • Easy to use, store, and transport
  • Versatile, reliable, and high-quality

3. H1016 Compact Ceramic By Remington

H1016 Compact Ceramic By Remington

Remington has just released these travel-friendly hot rollers. Users can pick from two-size diameters to style their hair, five 1-inch rollers, and five 1 ¼ inch rollers. When traveling, the unit heats in dual voltages making it convenient to use anywhere in the world. This Remington model also uses the “exclusive J-clip” technology, alleviating creases when setting. These hot rollers are great for world travelers on the go, as it heats up in 90 seconds with its compact and lightweight design. Guarantee zero-frizz with a flawless, smooth, and shiny finish.


  • Ionic and Ceramic technology
  • Easy to store and travel
  • Less creasing, no frizz, better end-result

2. Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Hot Rollers by Conair

Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Hot Rollers by Conair

These hot rollers by Conair come in two sizes, four super-jumbo 1 ¾ inch rollers and eight 1 ½ inch diameter rollers. Color-coded in black and purple, “super-clips” is also included with the rollers. Conair uses “ceramic-infused technology” allowing for better heat transfer to the hair for lasting curls. These rollers heat super-fast at a timed speed of 85 seconds. This budget-friendly unit weighs 3.45 pounds with a product dimension of 6.6 x 6.5 x 12 inches. Because it is light-weight, this is absolutely perfect for stylists who have multiple accessories in tow while on the go. The box even features a lighted vanity mirror!


  • Innovative and ergonomic design
  • Great and perfect for all hairstyles
  • High-quality and high-performance



Conair is definitely the brand to look out for when it comes to hot rollers. This one is made with top-notch technology and materials for the ultimate hair volume and waves. The ceramic-infused technology allows you to heat up the rollers faster as well as provides even heat transfer. In comparison to other products, this one has twice as much heat protection while giving you the best and long-lasting curls. The package comes with 8 pieces of 1 ¾” rollers, and 8 plastic clips. The clips are there to ensure a secure hold while your hair is being curled. Super convenient and reliable!


  • Quick heat up and even heat distribution
  • Better heat protection
  • Convenient, reliable, and easy to use

In conclusion, buying the best hot rollers for long hair is definitely not an easy task. You have so much to consider and contemplate on! We hope that our article is helpful in terms of providing you with the necessary information you need to make a decision. Even after browsing through our article, you must keep your needs and priorities in mind.

What does an ideal hot roller for long hair look like? Just as we mentioned in the buying guide, it should be compatible with your hair type and length with high-quality materials and reliable performance. There should be enough rollers of different sizes for you to achieve any looks you want effortlessly! That is why the CONAIR Instant Heat Compact Rollers is ranked as the best on our list!

However, please do not feel restricted and only buy products based solely on the ranking! We say this with great confidence that any product on our list is great in its own ways. So, we advise you to be super thorough and careful before you make a decision based on your needs. Happy Shopping!