Top 8 Best Hair Cutting Shears 2020 Reviews

Finding the best hair cutting shears for your style is very important because you need the option to cut your hair short, to trim your hair to a particular length, or to keep your hair from getting too thick. The shears that you find should be made with the best materials, different sizes, and blades that will give you the length you are looking for.

8. Teeth Edged Hair Cutting Scissors

Teeth Edged Hair Cutting Scissors

The basic teeth edged hair cutting scissors help you when you need to snip hair or thin hair that has grown very thick. You could purchase these scissors in more than one size, and they can be used with the hook behind ring for more control.

You could buy these scissors to save money, and you might prefer to use the scissors when you want to snip your own bangs or work in your salon. There are many people who would prefer to use a teeth edged scissor because they want to cut out volume from their hair, and these scissors have a very heavy construction so that they can cut out more hair than normal.

7. 6.0 Scissors And Shears Kit

6.0 Scissors And Shears Kit

The cutting scissors and shears that you need might all come in the same kit, and the kit should provide you with a way to store them all comfortably without any issue. Remember that a variety of shears will help you thin your hair, cut your hair, or trim your hair. These scissors are all different sizes, and they give you many more options for caring for your hair.

The soft leather case can be zipped up at any time, and the scissors or shears will not move around. You can clean them easily, and they can be used over and over without losing their edge.

6. Rough Stache Professional Hair Scissors

Rough Stache Professional Hair Scissors

The Rough stache porfessional hair scissors are useful to you because they provide you with a chance to look your best, feel good about yourself, and improve your overall look. The majority of people who have purchased these scissors are very serious about their grooming, and they could trim anything with these scissors.

These scissors come in their own box, and they can be stored in that box in between uses. They are thin enough for you to use facial hair, but they will work with long hair or bangs.

5. Smith Chu Hair Razor/Shears

Smith Chu Hair Razor/Shears

Smith Chu has created a razor that will be very easy to use, and it has helped people cut comfortably because it is made from a beautiful metal that will never break down. These shears are a very unique color that makes them easy to identify, and they will be easy to clean when they have cut hair all day. These shears even come with the hook that makes them easier to hold and balance in your hands.

4. Professional Shear And Texture Kit

Professional Shear And Texture Kit

The professional shear and texture kit comes with multiple scissors that can be used for anything from cutting hair to cutting in texture that is needed. The texture of your hair changes when you are taking out all the thickness, or you could use the simple scissors when you need to make a straight cut across your hair. The shear and texture kit is needed for anyone who wants to treat their own hair or try to get a client’s hair under control after many different minutes of cutting.

3. Elfina Hair Texture And Cutting Kit

Elfina Hair Texture And Cutting Kit

The Elfina texture and cutting kit has all the scissors that you need, and it is one of the best hair cutting shears sets because it has more than just the cutting scissors. The kit has the thinning shears that will help hair get much softer. This is something that a lot of people forget about because they are only trying to cut their bangs, but you can take volume out of your hair if it is getting in the way. The kit can be closed and carried anywhere, and it is simple to manage when you looking at ways to learn to cut hair.

2. Equinox Barber Scissors

Equinox Barber Scissors

The Equinox Barber Scissors are a pair of scissors in tow different sizes that have color-coded rings that you can use to denote which is which. The scissors are made from a very strong steel, and they are glossy enough that they will come back to a proper shine after you have wiped them down. Use these scissors when you need a long and short version for your hair or your clients. The longest model helps dig into a thick head of hair, but the shock model helps clip out small bits of volume.

1. Equinox Professional Razor’s Edge

Equinox Professional Razor's Edge

The Equinox Razor’s Edge scissors are made with the angled blade that allows for cuts that might have been impossible with traditional scissors, and you could use these scissors when you are hoping to cut in layers that are hard to reach because of the hair that you are cutting or the angle at which you need to cut. The scissors come with a very comfortable handle, and they have a lovely yellow notch that denotes them as your angles scissors. You could use these scissors at any time, and there is a textured version that helps you thin out a client’s hair with no trouble.