Top 8 Best Electric Garage Heaters 2019 Reviews

An electric garage heater that you purchase for the home keeps your garage comfortable when you are storing items in that space. You do not want to be frozen when you want to get in your car, and you need to keep the room comfortable if you use it for entertainment or work during the day. Check out all the different heaters listed below to learn which would work best for you.

8. New Air G73

New Air G73

The New Air G73 is a heater that has slats that will direct the air anywhere that you like, and the slats even close when you have turned the unit off. You can plug it in easily, and it has a handle that helps you move it around. The heater should heat up to 750 square feet, and it helps in all garages because it is one of the best electric garage heaters.

7. Dimplex 4000 Watt Heater

Dimplex 4000 Watt Heater

The Dimplex 4000 watt heater is a large wall unit that you can actually hang from a bracket that was made specifically for this unit. You must purchase this heater when you cannot set it on the floor, and it has the slats that will guide the air for you.

The Dimplex comes with a simple power cord that it easy to use, and it will cover any garage large or small. Remember that hanging up this heater gives you better air flow as it is one of the best electric garage heaters.

6. New Air 5600 Watt Heater

New Air 5600 Watt Heater

The New Air 5600 Watt heater is a wonderful device to use when you have a small garage that you do not want to overheat. This device will heat up to 560 square feet, and it helps when you want to use the garage for entertainment or as a workshop.

You do not need to connect the central air system to the heater because this device can do everything you need while hanging from the wall or sitting on the floor. You should use this heater when you want to hang it from the wall instead of having it on the floor and being afraid of tripping over the cord.

5. Dr. Heater 240-Watt Heater

Dr. Heater 240-Watt Heater

The Dr. Heather is a smaller unit that is built must like a tiny stereo box. The heater has tiny slat that close up like a search light, and the heater is so light that you can take it anywhere you want.
The cord is easy to plug in, and it is very easy for you to use in small spaces. You could heat a little garage or your office with this tiny heater. You need a very small heater when you are working in a tiny space so that you will not overheat when you are working.

4. Comfort Zone 5000-Watt Heater

Comfort Zone 5000-Watt Heater

The Comfort Zone Indistrial heater comes with a heavy metal casing, and it was made to help people open up and heat a large space with no problem. You can cover 500 square feet with the heater, and it works in industrial spaces that have water on the floor and moisture in the air.

The Comfort Zone is easy to move, and it is easy to plug in because the long cord can be wrapped up and stored when not in use. The Comfort Zone brand has been designed to make it easier for people turn on the heater, to manage the heat in the space, and there are a lot of ways for you to direct the air when you are heating up the facility.

3. Fahrenheit FHU54

Fahrenheit FHU54

This is a 240-watt heater that you can hang from a hook in your garage, and it has the slats that you can use to move around the air in your space. Be sure that you have purchased this heater when you have a need to cover that tiny garage that always gets so cold in the winter.

You could move this heater into your office, or it could be used in the largest rooms in your house when you are trying to keep hot air going. Most people who have problems with their garage of the temperature could use just one of these heaters to heat up to 240 square feet.

2. Dr. Infrared Dr-988

Dr. Infrared Dr-988

Dr. Infrared made something that makes it easier for people to heat up large spaces with this 6000-watt heater. You can cover up to 600 square feet with this heater, and it will give you the chance to create a much better environment in any room. There are many places to put this heater, and it can be moved with the handle because it is so late.

The Dr. Infrared heater can run for hours at a time, and it was designed to never overheat using the heavy walls of the heater to keep the heat inside. The heat is only blown out the front, adn the rear vent willhelp the device to regulate its own temperature.

1. King Electric 7500-Watt Heater

King Electric 7500-Watt Heater

The King Electric 7500-watt heater is the largest on this list, and it provides people with the amount of heat that will cover up to 750 square feet. The King Electric brand is known for making the best heaters in the industry, and they create an industrial-style device that can be used without worry that it will break down.

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